VIC Department of Education & Training

The Department leads the delivery of education and development services to children, young people and adults both directly through government schools and indirectly through the regulation and funding of early childhood services, nongovernment schools and training programs.

The Department implements Victorian Government policy on early childhood services, school education and training and higher education services. The Department manages Victorian government schools and drives improvement in primary and secondary government education.


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Corwin has one mission: to enhance education through intentional professional learning. We build long-term relationships with experts, educators, clients, and associations who partner with us to develop and continuously improve the best, evidence-based practices that establish and support lifelong learning.

Corwin is a global organisation with the exclusive rights to provide Visible Learningplus seminars, professional learning, and consulting in Australia. We are proud to be your partner in creating school and system-wide impact.

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Keepad Interactive (Keepad)

Keepad Interactive (Keepad) is an international ICT & AV supplier with a focus on collaborative technology, group engagement and interactive solutions to the education and professional sectors throughout Australia. Keepad is focused on the pedagogical benefits of technology and offers a suite of interactive learning solutions that empowers educators, trainers and presenters to more fully engage their audience or class in a Participant Centric manner.

What differentiates Keepad is that we enhance the supply of our state of the art branded technologies with market leading Training, Professional Development, Technical Support and Installation Services. Keepad prides itself in providing effective training and professional development so that educators, trainers and presenters can readily practice what 21st century technology and group instructional theories offer the modern classroom and meeting environments.

Woods Furniture

At Woods Furniture we believe that education is of the utmost importance, not just for the children of today, but for our world tomorrow.

This fundamental belief has driven our team, for over half a century, to study how children learn from a behavioural, ergonomic and cognitive perspective, and to develop furniture that is flexible, adaptable and stimulating.

At Woods, we're for flexible learning.

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The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

We're here for teaching. That means we're here for the teachers of today and the teachers of tomorrow. We're here to help school leaders create schools where student learning comes first and quality teaching thrives. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) uses the evidence to develop resources and tools that build expertise and empower educators to create better learning outcomes for Australian children.

Charles Sturt University (CSU)

At Charles Sturt University (CSU), we believe that knowledge, collaboration, and community make the world a better place. So, as a CSU student, you will be supported throughout your journey, enjoy flexible online study, and have opportunities to extend your professional network. Studying our Master of Education (generic and with specialisations), you can advance your career as a leader in education choosing from a range of specialisations such as educational leadership, information technologies, contemporary literacies, early childhood leadership, adult and vocational education, and educational research. Our commitment to you realising your potential makes CSU a great choice for education leaders of tomorrow."

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NorvaNivel design, manufacture and supply innovative educational furniture and learning spaces to schools across Australia. Founded to transform education through environment, we have worked with thousands of educators to successfully transform classrooms, libraries and entire schools to facilitate contemporary pedagogy. Each of our unique products and complete spaces are designed with specific features to increase learning engagement.

Evidence for Learning

As a knowledge broker operating nationally for Australian primary and secondary schools, we help educators increase learning for their students. We do this by improving the availability and use of evidence on great teaching practice. We build evidence through the Learning Impact Fund, identifying, funding and evaluating programs aiming to raise academic achievement; share evidence through the freely available Teaching & Learning Toolkit and encourage the use of evidence through a community committed to developing an evaluative culture in schools. As recommended in the Gonski 2.0 report, we believe a national, independent evidence body that supports teachers and leaders in their decision making is critical for better learner success.

Trap Ed

Trap Ed is a digital app company who has taken on the challenge of game based secondary student study and learning! It is designed to help students improve their academic achievements through self-paced and independent learning, testing their skills against the clock or against their peers.

Academic achievement is measured against the Australian National Curriculum however the upgraded functionality allows educators to self-populate the App with Curriculum from any country.

The Teacher Portal creates the opportunity to provide individual student assessment feedback and reporting plus has the option for teachers to add their own class-specific questions.

An app for students and teachers alike.

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Sitback Solutions

Putting the user at the centre of everything we do
We are a web design and development agency, providing customised Digital Solutions to help your business succeed.
With psychology-based User Experience (UX) Research and Design, best practice Web Development, and specialised UX Training, we strive to continuously improve customer experiences

Are your students engaged? Are your staff informed? Do you need innovative solutions?

For over 10 years we have partnered with Australia's top institutions to deliver elegant digital solutions to hard problems. At sitback, we exist to ensure you provide the best possible online experience, resulting in happy users & a successful business.


Routledge is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We publish thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide. Routledge is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business.

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The Academy

Why: We believe every student should positively connect with their education and live a life they love.

How: We do this by helping students better understand who they are, define the future they want, and prepare them to succeed in it.

What: Year 11 &12 Passion based school

The Situation
45% of kids identify as disengaged at school - Australian Journal of Teacher Education

The Academy has developed an education model that engages students with their education by aligning it to their passion (AFL).

The programme places particular focus on emotional intelligence, resilience and critical thinking required in a high-performance environment preparing students for the future, not the past.

At The Academy, 100% of students are motivated for success. That’s because they can finally focus on their passion and the future they want.

The Program
Research, life experience and industry consultation has allowed The Academy to design a contextualised curriculum based on the VCAL Certificate (Year 11 & 12). Students gain relevant education skills and knowledge needed both on and off the field.

The Academy High-Performance Program is embedded into the students week through the practical application of their strength and conditioning training programs and their recovery and regeneration program including access to weekly massage therapy.

Students also participate in weekly theory lessons including elite mindset, game day approach, creating team culture, game plan application, resilience and self-belief.

HarperCollins Publishers Australia

HarperCollins occupies a unique place in Australian and New Zealand publishing. In both nations we are the oldest publisher – with a heritage dating back to the bush ballads and school books of the late nineteenth century – and the most forward thinking in terms of our transition to the global digital world of today.

Through the decades, our publishing has been distinguished by a commitment to quality and creativity plus an innate understanding of what Australians and New Zealanders want to read and how. Authors and their work have always been at the heart of our company – without authors there would be no HarperCollins. Publishing is a highly collaborative business: everyone in the company contributes in some way to maximising our author’s work.

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New Star Art School

New Star Art School practices a unique teaching technique based on key Eastern and Western art education systems. This technique is designed to rapidly develop artistic skills in children’s art classes for all ages. New Star Art School was founded in 1997 by Chinese/Australian award winning artist Yaping Jiang. For many years the school has cultivated the artistic talent of its students, many of whom not only have won scholarships and prizes in competitions, but it has also played an important role later in their successful professional careers.

New Star Art School also provides various opportunities for students to display their art talents to their communities and to society at large. Students works are published regularly in newspapers, public exhibitions and also have the chance to participate in a variety of art competitions in both Australia and overseas. With professional, modern and new innovative concepts in creative education, New Star Art School will enable your child to develop:

  • an eye for discovery
  • a taste for artistic excellence
  • a spirit of exploration and innovation


McREL is a non-profit, non-partisan education research and development organization that since 1966 has turned knowledge about what works in education into practical, effective guidance and training for teachers and education leaders across the U.S. and around the world.

Our expert researchers and evaluators go beyond just data collection, collaborating with clients to develop clear theories of action, logic models, and study designs that are tailored to their exact needs and budgets, and generating insightful, practical analysis that can drive improvement decisions.

Our consultants, who are experienced educators and leaders themselves, skillfully blend research-based strategies with best practices gleaned from our work with thousands of schools, translating information into knowledge, knowledge into action, and action into results for clients.

We help our clients identify the root causes of challenges in their systems, and, just as importantly, find, leverage, and scale up their existing bright spots to make an even bigger difference for more students.

Using a collaborative, partnership-oriented approach, we'll help you design and implement strategic and tactical solutions for improvement and capacity building, creating a clear path to reach your goals.

Turn to McREL for reputable, dependable, results-oriented services:

  • Professional development, resources, and coaching for teachers, principals, and system leaders
  • Audits, mapping, and alignment of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and standards
  • Systems for classroom observations, initiative monitoring, and staff evaluations
  • Research, data analysis, and program evaluations
  • School improvement strategies, coaching, and support
  • Strategic planning and visioning