Accelerus is Australia’s pre-eminent specialist provider for assessment, reporting, analysis and school management software. With our new XUNO range, Accelerus combines the best of contemporary reporting with one of the most versatile school management systems in the country. We have been building software solutions to help schools for over 20 years - software that is flexible, powerful, easy to use and is backed by a support team that is second-to-none. We are driven by our commitment to making a difference in every student’s learning, which is why our team is passionate about creating education software solutions that can transform learning.

Alaress Schoolbox

Schoolbox is a virtual learning environment (VLE) for K–12 schools. It’s a unique all-in-one learning management system (LMS), portal and intranet. Schoolbox is self or cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure. Share, teach and learn online with Schoolbox.


At anzuk Education, we understand the importance of having high quality educators who build relationships and use their initiative. Always knowing the right fit for your centre, we can supply degree qualified teachers, certificate III and diploma qualified educators, childcare cooks and management staff. We are the leading provider of casual relief services and permanent staffing in early childhood settings.

Partnering with anzuk, our knowledgeable consultants come from educational backgrounds who screen, interview and build a team of educators who are ready to arrive with a smile and work hard for your centre.

Australians Together

Australians Together believes better outcomes for Indigenous Australians begin with a change in our perspective. By listening to the voices of Indigenous Australians, we help all Australians learn the true story of our shared history, understand how it's still having an impact today and imagine new ways to live together more respectfully. Our easy-to-use Professional Learning and Curriculum resources support teachers to authentically embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways. All resources align with ACARA and AITSL standards 1.4 and 2.4.

The Brainery

The Brainary is an Australian distributor of world-leading educational and healthcare resources and technologies. We are inspired to help people live more fulfilling lives through knowledge acquisition and wellness. Our resources utilize game-play, simulations and journaling to help engage people with their learning and therapies.


Come to Stand 24 to find out why WA schools are loving Brightpath.

Brightpath is an assessment tool.

  • Brightpath enables teachers to make great judgements about their students' work.
  • Brightpath empowers school leaders to use data generated by teachers.
  • Brightpath gives teachers real-time data on students' growth in learning.
  • Brightpath delivers detailed information about learning progressions and the next steps in learning.

Education Management Solutions

EMS 360 was created in collaboration with schools to simplify a range of staff administrative processes, including; staff review & appraisal, professional learning, leave & absence, activities camps & excursions, accidents & hazards, accreditation qualifications and 360 degree reviews. The integrated modules provide an all-in-one solution for secure centralised documentation and the data generated underpins school decision making, accountability and reporting. Staff members have access to their role specific data and key staff are incorporated in relevant processes; including Finance and School Organiser.

EMS 360 offers the most efficient, cost effective and user-friendly online staff management solution available.

Educator Impact

Educator Impact is an evidence-based professional development program that uses 360-degree feedback and goal setting to help teachers, leaders, and school support staff improve.

Enhance TV

EnhanceTV is an educational video platform, giving you access to curriculum-linked content and an easy way to share it with your students. You can find, clip and share videos with students and other teachers. It's possible to search by topic, duration or subject and edit videos to meet your needs.

The library includes a wide range of classroom-ready clips from Australian broadcast television, including news, entertainment and documentaries.

Our community of teachers, students and content experts curate these programs into short educational clips that support the Australian curriculum.


As the largest family owned and operated Outside School Hours Care provider, there is good reason why Extend is the premium provider in Australia. Our Before and After School Care and Vacation Care programs are fun, exciting, inclusive and safe. Extend offers qualified and dedicated Educators who have chosen to work exclusively for Extend. Our Educators make a difference in the lives of children by dedicating themselves to their school community. After 16 years in operation we are well organised, enthusiastic, and highly professional. Children in our care look forward to spending time with us and that's how it should be. Every single day we are completely committed to providing opportunities kids should have. And we love it!

A Partnership with Extend ensures a reliable, safe, and engaging service that is highly recommended by Extend's school communities.


Firefly is an online tool that empowers teachers, students and parents to learn more together. Schools can set homework, track progress, create rich resources and engage parents. The result is teachers have more time to focus on what matters most - teaching - and students can learn in ways that work best for them.


The wonder of learning. We’ve been celebrating it for over 60 years.Furnware works hand in hand with schools around the world, designing and creating furniture so children can thrive in the most inspiring learning spaces imaginable.

We work hard to truly connect with the individual aspirations of our schools and then we deliver with quality, timeliness, innovation, reliability and genuine care. Everything we create is designed to stand the test of time, with an eagle eye on the future.

Every single person at Furnware aims to help every single child in classrooms to grow, expand and be their best.

Growth Coaching

Enhancing the quality of conversations in education communities

Coaching in education is increasingly recognised as a key ingredient in school improvement and an important way to build teaching and learning capacity, develop leadership skills, and ultimately improve student learning outcomes and wellbeing.

The Growth Coaching way demonstrates how a coaching approach is not just for formal coaching and mentoring programs but can be applied throughout a school day to create a culture of growth for the whole community!

Reflex Technology Group

Education consultancy company RTG, offering a broad range of ICT services and support, partnered with US-based Learning Analytics BrightBytes to empower schools to transform complex data into actionable ‘next steps’ that drive student success.

Most educators agree that technology is a great enabler of innovation in pedagogy, yet with this innovation comes the need for change in our educational thinking and delivery. However, with change comes fear, and fear brings limitations. There is no question that technology leverages 21st century learning, but this hugely depends on the skills and aptitude of teachers, and their willingness to change or modify their practice. Learn and identify with McREL’s 21 leadership traits, and understand how to apply them when implementing change in future school practice and programs.

Rubicon International

For years, Rubicon has partnered with schools around the world to design, analyze, and refine their curriculum process. Our Atlas software has given educators the power to collaboratively plan and revise curriculum while using powerful analytics to generate meaningful curriculum reports. We have prided ourselves on the support and consultation offered to our partner schools, and through our robust Professional development offerings, we have helped schools achieve their curriculum goals. Our newest tool, LinkLogic, connects curriculum data in Atlas to common assessment results (like NAPLAN and PAT) to analyze collective and individual student achievement in relation to the taught curriculum.

Seven Steps

Imagine a vibrant writing classroom where every student is engaged and contributing ideas. Full of excited students who confidently tackle a writing task, sharing and collaborating with classmates. That's a Seven Steps classroom!

Designed by an author, the Seven Steps to Writing Success is an Australian writing program that breaks down writing into seven core techniques that can be taught in under 20 minutes a day.

Curriculum aligned and incorporating modern teaching practices - verbalisation, multimodal literacy and more - the Seven Steps can transform student writing fast. After just 10 weeks, schools often see significant improvements.

School PDs, Teacher Workshops, Online Membership and Print Resources available.


SIMON is a holistic learning management system that has been developed with the goal of making life simpler for the school community - admin, teaching staff, students, parents and even external providers, such as booklist companies. SIMON is continually being updated and expanded! Modules currently included in SIMON are Student Attendance, Behavioural Tracking, Resource Bookings, Learning Areas, Resource Management, Assessment and Reporting, Daily Messages, Daily Organisation, Parent Access Module, Medical and Excursions, Parent Teacher Interviews and much more.

Smart Teachers

Smart Teachers is Australia's leading education-specific recruitment agency working in partnership with the world's largest community of educators; Tes. Since Smart's founding in 2004, thousands of educators have advanced their careers with the help of our expert team. Your school needs talent to excel; together we'll help you find the best Australia, and the world have to offer. Start recruiting smarter today.