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Gavin Grift CrisisID Taster Webinar

Gavin Grift CrisisID Taster Webinar

Discover essential thinking techniques with leading education and business expert Gavin Grift, and start to reclaim control of your world.

Even though you love your work, when a crisis arises, either on a global scale (such as COVID-19) or at a personal level, it can be hard to focus, find clarity and work out a way to move forward. This could include a disruption at home such as a divorce, problems with an employee, a particularly difficult customer or a rate of professional change you don’t feel you can keep up with.

This webinar gives you an insight into our groundbreaking program, CrisisID, which was designed to help you understand yourself and others during extremely challenging times.

4/22/2021 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM