Tasmania Branch

ACEL 2017 TAS Awards

On Thursday evening of June 29 close to 80 people gathered at the University of Tasmania, Hobart Campus, to acknowledge and celebrate the work of leadership by the superb group of ACEL Tasmania Award recipients for 2017. The Awards were presented by special guest the Minister for Education, the Honourable Jeremy Rockliff and assisted by Branch President Mrs Anne Foale.

A very special guest on the night was Emeritus Professor William [Bill] Mulford who can now add to his extremely impressive list of connections and accolades with and from ACEA, ACEL and CCEAM, another first – the first Patron of this State Branch. Bill helped to found ACEA in 1973, which later changed its name to ACEL. Bill was the Secretary, [1975-76], Vice President, [1982-83] and President [1983-86], he was awarded Life Membership in 1976, Fellowship in 1982, the Nganakarrawa Award in 1991 and the Association’s Gold Medal for 2000. He is also a Fellow of CCEAM and held positions in this sister association of Vice President [1986-1990] and President [1990-1994].

In his address Professor Mulford challenged teachers and leaders to work intelligently to hold onto and uphold the professionalism of their chosen career and he provoked the gathering to consider the changeable face of the political overseers; Ministers, General Secretaries, Directors, ministerial Advisors ect. of Education in our State – with the data to support his provocation. He challenged us to reflect on how the lack of consistency and stability may have contributed less than positively to educational outcomes. The role of ACEL in offering a stable, consistent, sector blind, apolitical, professional and ethical position on educational leadership and providing a forum for such motivated educators to develop, find support and network, becomes highly critical in the context described by Professor Mulford.

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ACEL TAS Awards: History

Eminent Educator of the Year

2023  Clair Andersen
2021  Trudy Pearce
2017  Robert Phillips
2016  Professor Emeritus John Williamson
2015  Craig Deayton
2014  Dr Patricia Hindmarsh
2013  Dr John Ewington
2012  Andrew Barr
2011  Bobby Court
2010  Sheree Vertigan

Emerging Leaders Growth in Leadership Award

2016  Amelia Clifford, Callum Hollingsworth, Belinda Hopwood
2014  Adam James, Sam Morey
2012  Stewart Bennett, Jo Longbottom

Growing in Leadership [Early Career Award]

2023  Tom McGee, Samantha Riley, Angela Zonno
2022  Alexandra Burgess-Norris, Rachel Hankey, Alex Leggate, Cassandra Olive, Haylee Rowe
2021  Joshua Lippis, Dev Tiwari
2020  Kieran Siedler
2019  Caitlin Love, Mitchell Samin
2018  Mark Stewart, Mellina Scavone, Benjamin Fulton, Emma Stubbs
2017  Emilie Clark, Stacey Cooper
2015  Lindsey Hills, Simon Lane, Jordana Schmidt

Award for Excellent Leadership in Improving Student Outcomes

2016  Gill Berriman, James Clark, Jo Longbottom, Stuart Lord, Annette Parker, Anne Stewart, James Trainor, Anna Viney, Marcelle Watts, Geoff Williamson, Action Research Group, Teggana Collective

Inspirational Educator

This award honours educators whose teaching skills, relationships with students and attitude towards their work have inspired young people to enter the profession of teaching. It provides the profession and the community with examples of teachers whose pride in the work they do, and their commitment to the ideals and goals of teaching have influenced others to follow in their footsteps.

2012  Sylvia Beeton, Tony Kettle, Shelley Laing
2011  Roger Ayers, Gail Challis, Anker Fuglsang, Beverley Jennings, Enid Todd, Anna Viney, Christine Wright

ACEL Tasmanian Inspiring Young Educational Leader Award

2011  Jen Clifton, Kylie Porterhouse, Cassie O’Neill

Special Group Award for Excellent Leadership by a Team in Improving Student Outcomes

2017  Department of Education’s Vision Services Team

ACEL TAS Outstanding Leadership in Education Award

2020  Professor Natalie Brown
2019  Jodee Wilson

ACEL TAS Teacher Leadership Award

Rosemary Beswick
Jacquie Bourne
Hazel Buchhorn
Freya Edwards-FitzSimons
Eve Gratton
Jacqueline Hardman
Katie Johnstone
Jacinta Keenan
Olivia Williams

Todd Blackhall
Jane Doyle
Danielle Newman
Kirsty Sing
Jesse Wright

Sue Cunningham
Jane Hills
Emily Leaman
Marjorie Morgan
Elizabeth Radnidge
Jeorge Wigan

Jackson Cracknell
Michelle Donohoe
Emma Forbes
Tom George
Kelly Warburton

Allison Cornish
Nicole De Gouveia
Belinda Kumashiro

Leadership Award

This award is presented each year to an educator or group of educators who have demonstrated excellent leadership in implementing an educational initiative, conducting research and/or influencing educational policy leading to improved educational outcomes for students in any educational setting. The award is aimed at all levels of leadership be it classroom, faculty, school, tertiary, system or consultancy.

Fran Baccarin
Jane Bovill
Nelson File
Brendan Gill
Brent Wilson

Southern Midlands Inquiry Learning Endeavour: (SMILE)
Louise Bender
Alanna Green
Sarah Lackey
Frank Pisano
Wendy Potter
Jennifer Poynter
Rosalind Walker

Mary Bennett
Dr MaryAnn Hunter
Wendy Irvine
Dianne Purnell
Leesa Pettit
Caroline Wilson-Haffenden
The Cosgrove High School leadership team:
(Andrew Woodham, David Bryant, Emma Aorangi)
The East Derwent Primary School Leadership team:
(Elizabeth Humphries, David Webster, Nicole Wilson, Sophie Campbell, Libby Garlick, Rhea Orchard)

Imogen Hunt
Fiona Labuschagne
John Mainsbridge
Kandy Parker

Tracy Siedler
Susan Walker

Janet Marcenko
Sandra Guerzoni
Megan Bennell
Andrea Long

Karen Pape
Mike O’Brien
Emma Puszkar
Nicholas Lahey
Rachael Wells
Bruce Stack

Rosa Connell
Simone Cunliffe
Marco Guerzoni
Selina Kinne
Casey Mainsbridge

Cathryn Kelly-Bounds
Andrea Dare
Chris Hoare
Jacqui Lawless

Jenny Leppard
Leeann Medwin
Brett Youd

James Clark
Megan Hoult
Kent Moore

Donna Bucher
Sally-Anne Fowler
Stephen Walley

Greg Dwyer
Michelle Muir

Romany Hunt
Daniel Howard


This award recognises members of ACEL who are making or have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of student achievement and organisational effectiveness through their leadership.

*Denotes National Fellowship

Deb Day
Malcolm Elliott

Donna Bucher

Jenny Cowling

Warwick Dean

Helen Spencer

Wayne Brown
John Mula*

Anne Foale

Dr Jill Abell

Diane Henning

Julie Rimes
Mandy Reynolds-Smith*

Shireen Thomas

Tom Dorey

ACEL Fellowships (Honorary)

An ACEL Fellowship (Honorary) may be conferred on persons who are not ACEL members, but who are acknowledged as outstanding leaders in the practice and/or theory of educational leadership. The criteria are similar to an ACEL Fellowship with the nominee being expected to have made a significant contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

2021  Rufus Black
2020  Tameika Grist, Dr David Moltow, Eamonn Pollard
2017  Jenny Cranston, Janine O’Hea
2013  Lucy Fisher

Public Discourse (Media) Award

This award is presented to an individual who has used print, radio, online or television media to make a significant contribution to raising the levels of public awareness and the quality of debate on significant local or national education issue[s].

2023  Katharine O'Donnell
2022  Leanne McLean
2021  Malcolm Elliott
2020  The Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment