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ELEV8 Leadership Mastery Program (5 Workshops)

The ELEV8 Leadership Mastery Program © is a collaboration between The Liminal Space, a boutique leadership development consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia and the Western Australia branch of ACEL.

ELEV8 is a longitudinal leadership program that aims to elevate the capabilities and effectiveness of aspiring and existing leaders from Western Australian Government, Catholic, and Independent schools by focussing on the 8 critical tools they need in their toolboxes: 

  1. Understanding and embracing your unique leadership style.  
  2. Developing leadership self-efficacy.
  3. Enhancing bravery and resilience.
  4. Amplifying grit and determination.
  5. Effectively leading change.
  6. Forming and leading high-performing teams.  
  7. Creating feedback cultures.
  8. Working effectively with challenging people and leading difficult conversations. 

The program is convened over 5 workshops - 1 full day (9:00am - 4:00pm) and 4 half days (8:30am - 1:00pm), between Friday, 12 May (Term 2, Week 3) and Monday, 11 September 2023 (Term 3, Week 9).

Each workshop is research-based, interactive and offers practical insights and strategies to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Click here for detailed Workshop Descriptions and Learning Intentions. 

Facilitators and Special Guests

Each workshop is designed and facilitated by Dr Shane Glasson (Founder, The Liminal Space) and involves input from expert co-facilitators and special guests from Government, Catholic and Independent Schools and the world beyond education.  To learn more about Dr Glasson, click this link - biography.

Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) Professional Renewal Hours

ELEV8 represents 28 hours of professional learning for TRBWA Professional Renewal purposes. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and citation mapped against The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Professional Standard for Principals.


Workshop 1 – Peeling Back the Onion Layers: Exploring Your Leadership Style
Friday 12 May, 9am - 4pm (Term 2, Week 3).  Note the finishing time of 4pm whereas subsequent workshops will finish at 1pm.

Workshop 2 – The Glue that Binds it all Together: Forming and Leading High-Performing Teams
Tuesday 6 June, 8.30am – 1pm (Term 2, Week 7)

Workshop 3 – From Cocoon to Butterfly: Effectively Leading Change
Friday 28 July, 8.30am - 1pm (Term 3, Week 2)

Workshop 4 – Feeling anxious? Building Feedback Cultures and Leading Difficult Conversations
Monday 21 August, 8.30am – 1pm (Term 3, Week 6)

Workshop 5 – Rolling with the Punches: Leadership Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Grit
Monday 11 September, 8.30am – 1pm (Term 3, Week 9)

Cost: $1,250 (inc GST) ACEL members
          $1,320 (inc GST) non-members

Important:  Please note that the cost is for the full 5-workshop program and no partial refunds will be available if participants are unable to attend one or more of the scheduled workshops. 

Please refer to the Events and Programs booking Terms and Conditions here 

5/12/2023 9:00 AM - 9/11/2023 1:00 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
Newman Sienna Centre - Flexi Rooms Catholic Institute of Western Australia 33 Williamstown Rd DOUBLEVIEW WA 6018

Additional Items

Friday, 12 May 2023

5/12/2023 - 9/11/2023