Leading Improvement in Your School
with Vic Zbar & Pamela Macklin


Webinar 1 - 7 Sep 2021
Webinar 2 - 21 Sep 2021

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ACEL Member - $165

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Leaders and leadership teams …. take a deep dive from the big picture to building capacity and ensuring consistently better teaching. With a focus on the centrality of leadership, engage your individual and collective strengths together with proven strategies to drive a model of improvement that ensures success for all.

The Webinars are designed for leaders with responsibility for leading whole school improvement. While the webinars can be undertaken individually, experience suggests there is more value to the school when they are completed by members of the leadership team who can discuss and work together on the material and activities they contain.

Webinar outcomes

By the end of the Webinars participants will:

  • understand how school improvement typically happens;
  • be able to diagnose the stage of development of your school;
  • determine the appropriate strategies to move the school to the next stage in accordance with your annual improvement plan; and
  • be able to apply processes that engage your staff and engender their support.

Vic Zbar

Vic Zbar has extensive consultancy and project management experience and is recognised internationally for his writing on education and a range of education reports. Prior to the establishment of Zbar Consulting, Vic was the Assistant Director of Human Resources in the Victorian Department of Education, having earlier been principal adviser to the Chief Executive, giving him an in-depth knowledge of the work of most aspects of the then Office of Schools. He is a widely-published author in both education and management and is the author of the best-selling Managing the future, and its sequel, Key management concepts.

More recently Vic co-edited four volumes of Leading the education debate, published by the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE), and co-authored Better schools, better teachers, better results, published by ACER. He has written numerous articles and papers, and recently authored Leadership to make things happen in your school also published by the CSE.

Pamela Macklin

Pamela Macklin has held a number of senior positions in Australian education, including Deputy CEO (Professional Resources) at the Australian Council for Educational Research and Deputy CEO of Curriculum Corporation. She is an experienced senior executive, coach, teacher, education consultant and writer. Pamela has significant experience in the development and management of major community and education projects. Her interests lie in leadership coaching, the management of organisational change and improvement, educational policy, curriculum, assessment and school improvement. Her national and international work has focused on education reform and has included the development of policy and implementation strategies in areas such as ICT in education, literacy, numeracy, studies of Asia and gender equity.

Pamela is an experienced company director and has held several positions, including Chair, on not-for-profit Boards.

Each Webinar will include:

•  Pre-session opportunity to send questions to Vic and Pamela
•  Q&A time during the session using the Chat Bar
•  Online live with Vic and Pamela
•  ACEL Webinar support team
•  Journal Articles for pre-reading and to review later

Attending the Webinars

You will be emailed a personal link to each webinar the day prior to the event. It is advised that you attend the webinar 10 minutes before commencement to avoid missing any content.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected] or call 02 8396 0800.

Webinar 1:
The Big Picture and Key Drivers

Tuesday 7th Sep 2021

4.00pm [NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT]
3.30pm [SA]
4.00pm [QLD]
3.30pm [NT]
2.00pm [WA]
6.00pm [New Zealand]

90 Minutes

  • The challenge we face
  • How change for improvement happens
  • The 3 stages of whole school improvement and determining where your school is at
  • The centrality of leadership
  • A task before Webinar 2

Webinar 2:
Building capacity and carrying your staff

Tuesday 21st Sep 2021

4.00pm [NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT]
3.30pm [SA]
4.00pm [QLD]
3.30pm [NT]
2.00pm [WA]
6.00pm [New Zealand]

90 Minutes

  • Ensuring consistently better teaching
  • Using an instructional model to drive improvement
  • Coaching for improvement
  • Professional Learning Teams and their work
  • Classroom observation to ensure consistency