Leading with the heart and mind: you and your leadership


28th September
Time: 9am - 4pm
Location: Online

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As a prelude to our Online Conference, ACEL is inviting middle and emerging leaders to take part in our online pre-conference workshop: Leading with the heart and mind: you and your leadership on Tuesday 28th September. The workshop is aimed at developing the capacity of middle and emerging leaders to create an experience to reflect on, reframe and resolve some of the leadership challenges that come up every day in the lives of school and early learning leaders. Through taking a deep dive into the head and heart of leadership, the day promises to be one of Inspiration, Exploration and Provocation.

The day will be hosted by Tracey Ezard, Adam Voigt and Dr Kylie Lipscombe who will work with participants to explore, identify and plan action in the following areas:

  • How to know who you are as a leader.
  • What really matters when you choose to lead.
  • Why this matters so much.
  • Mobilising others in pursuit of our vision.
  • Launching you into school/context-based action.

Importantly, the day looks at the duality of leadership, focusing on both the heart and the mind which are central to any leadership experience. You’ll get to spend time with both Adam and Tracey as they lead in presenting these themes in partnership, and with them individually in smaller breakout settings throughout the day. This is an opportunity to spend a day with other educational leaders from a range of contexts, to unpack what it means to be a leader, how to be practical and lead with heart for yourself and others, and how you can find the balance between your actions and the needs of others.

As facilitators, Tracey, Adam and Kylie have worked to ensure this highly interactive day will be one that balances input, reflection and sharing among participants. Register now for an experience in learning about educational leadership that caters for both the hearts and minds of emerging and middle leaders in Australian schools… and beyond.



Tracey is a speaker, educator and author of books, including The Buzz, Creating a Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture and Glue, The Stuff that Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Things. She consults extensively in the education sector, helping leaders create cultures where both relationships and results thrive. She is a former assistant principal in the Victorian state system. Tracey’s book Ferocious Warmth, School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform will be released in February 2021.


Adam is a real leader who walks his talk. The resident Education Expert for Channel 10’s “The Project”, Adam's presentations are filled with stories, messages, tools and hope developed from years of successful School Leadership as a Principal in some of Australia’s most challenging locations. He is a leader & speaker who has genuinely been there and done that. Adam takes critical messages about schools, learning, culture and leadership to Australian Schools through his Real Schools partnerships and also through his ground-breaking book “Restoring Teaching”.


Kylie is Senior Lecturer and researcher and Associate Academic Program Director of postgraduate studies in Educational Leadership at the University of Wollongong. She has 20 years experience in educational organisations such as schools and university. She is passionate about the nexus between educational leadership and practice, and how leading impacts both teacher and student learning practices. Her program of research works closely with leaders, teachers and children in the fields of educational leadership, middle leadership, teacher collaboration, and professional learning. Kylie is a keen contributor and leader in professional associations and is currently the academic leader of the NSW Department of Education Aspiring Principals Leadership program.