Western Australia Branch

ACEL WA Awards: History

Award for Excellence and Leadership in Tertiary Studies

This award is made available each year to the most outstanding post-graduate student in Education (Leadership) studies at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU).

2023  Jeike-Maree Benschop, Emma Cross, Tara George, Joanna Thiel
2022  Dr Elizabeth Jackson-Barret, Mark Ryan
2021  Nathan Tibbits
2019  Jonelle Lorantas, Isabel Bucher
2018  Megan Hamel, Jonathan Lituri
2017  Kasthuri (Geetha) James, Kristen Nairn
2016  Skye Hegarty, Marija Rizmanoska
2015  James Trimble
2014  Johanna Mulder
2013  Bronwyn Jones
2012  Chez Greig
2011  Dr Melanie Hindley

Teacher Leader Award for Excellence

2023  Shannon Armitage, Cassie Chadd, Michelle Fitzpatrick, Kayla Sin, Philip Wass
2022  Anna Baker, Christine Crump, Angela Hawryluk, Nick Irwin, Madeline Lynam, Oliver Oeij, Stephen Roberts, Lauren Serra, Alex Taylor, Melanie Wallis, Linda Zein
2021  Amanda Vicary, Brett Cutting, Joanne Pulsford, Tracey Toovey
2019  Marie Clifton, Wendy Candy
2018  Melissa Kingston, Keith Briggs, Jackie Hunt, Suzanne Bushby
2017  Sandra Dias, Rachael Lehr
2016  Vicki Tennant, Kris Williams
2015  Elizabeth Elphick, Simone Sawiris
2014  Sherry Egan

Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership

2023  Helen Aguiar, Esther Hill, Adam Inder, Paul Watson
2022  Rebecca Bope, Alana Em, Mathew Irving
2021  Andrew Johnston, Dr Deborah Netolicky, Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich, Neil Milligan
2019  Marg Pontin, Meredith Roe, Trish Somers

Pre-Eminent Educational Leader Award

This award is presented to an outstanding leader who has made an exceptional contribution to education in WA. The award acknowledges an influential and inspiring leader who has a record of exceptional achievement in educational leadership. Successful awardees are recognized throughout the education and wider community. They have made outstanding contributions to the study and practice of educational leadership at state and national levels and have advocated for social justice, equity, democracy and human rights.

2023  Jacqueline McGowan-Jones
2022  Dr Debra Sayce
2021  Lisa Rodgers
2019  Ron Gorman
2018  Dr Sandy Heldsinger
2017  Lee Musumeci
2016  Professor Jonathan Carapetis
2015  Annie Fogarty
2014  Audrey Jackson AM
2013  Winthrop Professor Bill Louden
2012  Ron Dullard

Research in Educational Leadership and Management

2023  Dr Amie Fabry
2022  Dr Andrew Sephton
2021  Professor Simon Clarke
2018  Deborah Netolicky
2016  Shane Glasson

ACEL WA Branch Educational Leaders Learning Award - For Beginning and Emerging Leaders - Honorary

2012  Louise Donovan, Alex Hunter

ACEL WA Branch Inspiring Educator Award - Honorary

2012  Peter Mulcahy

ACEL WA Branch Scholarship in Educational Leadership and Management

2012  Dr Neil McNeill

Leadership Award

This award is presented each year to an educator or group of educators who have demonstrated excellent leadership in implementing an educational initiative, conducting research and/or influencing educational policy leading to improved educational outcomes for students in any educational setting. The award is aimed at all levels of leadership be it classroom, faculty, school, tertiary, system or consultancy.

John Burke
Paul Whitehead
Maree Whiteley
Katie Petchell
Candice Clynk

Jason Bartell
Doug Cook
Russell Hahn
Dr Lorraine Hammond
Trevor Lynch
Everal Miocevich
Edward Nastasi
Damian Shuttleworth
Cheryl Townsend
Grant Wheatley

Jeff Allen
Richard Barr
Julie Anne Beelitz
Natalie Dennis
Wendy Gorman
Melanie Hancock
Nathan Harvey
Andrew Host
Lisa Ledger
Karmela Messineo
Karen Tucknott

Gary Anderson
David Bean
Bernard Beatty
Anika Blackmore
Dean Finlay
Veronica Forrest
Paul Hille
Geoff Miller
Veronica Sutton
Stephen Webber

Chris Booth
Julie Carlson
Karen Duncan
Anne Ford
Gayle Higgins
Neil Hunt
The Reverend Peter Laurence
Garth Wynne

Marie Beardsell
Tracey Gray
Sandy Heldsinger
Nancy Mcnally
Frank Pansini
Julian Vinciullo

Ron Gorman
Dr Jenny Kuhn
Dr Graeme Lock
Matt Osborne
Mitchell Mckay
Jacqui Quartermaine


This award recognises members of ACEL who are making or have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of student achievement and organisational effectiveness through their leadership.

*Denotes National Fellowship

Mandy Connor
Sinan Kerimofski
Niel Smith
Merrilee Wright

Dr Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavasich
Dean Finlay
Daniel Groenwald

Anika Blackmore 
Nicola Davidson
Nicole Brown

Anthony Stopher 
Rachael Lehr 
Wendy Gorman  

Gayle Higgins
Julie Woodhouse

Dr Shane Glasson
David Lee
Frank Pansini

Tony Beswick*
Peter Bothe
Sheri Evans
Greg Sullivan

Ian Elder
Jenny Firth
Ron Gorman
Professor Michael O’Neill*
Ray Boyd
Mary Margetts
Peter Mulcahy
Keith Newton
Peter Mulcahy
Keith Newton

Professor Simon Clarke

Ian Anderson
Lis Turner

ACEL Fellowships (Honorary)

An ACEL Fellowship (Honorary) may be conferred on persons who are not ACEL members, but who are acknowledged as outstanding leaders in the practice and/or theory of educational leadership. The criteria are similar to an ACEL Fellowship with the nominee being expected to have made a significant contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

2017  Alan Genoni, Tony Watson
2016  Nicole Hanna, Abdullah Khan, Darrel LeMercier
2015  Stephen Breen, David Stevens, Carol Strauss, Edith Wright
2014  Janette Gee, Michael Morgan, Jacqui Quartermaine
2013  Allan Blagaich, Leonie Clelland, Paul Mathews, Dr Paul Swan
2012  Lee Musumeci, Jean Rice