Our Vision

Our vision is to create a dynamic and collaborative learning community, where educators come together to share ideas and work towards our commitment to improve the quality of learning for all. Our uniqueness is our connectedness with all in the education community, who represent the breadth, depth and diversity of the sector. As Australia’s premier cross-sector professional association with a focus on leading and leadership at our core, we contribute to and draw from national and global research, practice and learning opportunities. Through our local Branches, cutting edge conferences, workshops, leadership programs, in-house publications, one-stop bookshop and online resources we actively support the development of educational leadership capabilities across Australia and beyond.

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Our Pillars

ACEL is an association which embodies professional excellence and models it with integrity

Inspire and develop educators and educational leaders to lead learning outcomes for all

Illuminate the professional voice and its contribution to educational leadership agenda in order to optimise its impact

Create and enable strong networks for educators to collaborate across sectors and geographies

Recognise and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion in educational leadership

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Become a member and connect with thousands of educators and leaders in the ACEL community.

Exclusive access to hundreds of articles, videos and podcasts

Save on professional learning events, programs and our bookshop

Receive the latest research and practitioner experience through our journals

Network through diverse connections including our Branches in every state and territory

Be part of a cross-sectoral professional organisation that is inclusive of all educational leaders

For more than two decades, ACEL has played a pivotal role in building my leadership capacity through career networking, quality resources and exceptional professional development opportunities. To my mind, it is the preeminent association advancing the development of educational leaders in the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Gerard Houlihan - Deputy Head of the School, St Michael’s Grammar School

Being a member of ACEL provides me with the opportunity to continue to be informed about educational research and its application in an educational setting. This is provided through the journals and publications that are made available and through the opportunities to engage with both national and international scholars.

Christopher Reed, Principal, Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School

To me being a member of ACEL means staying connected to leadership issues, being informed of the latest educational trends and developments and having the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership as we all move forward in the new and ever changing educational; landscape.

Joseph Favrin, Principal, Loyola College

Being an ACEL member to me means that I am part of an inclusive educational leadership community. It means that I am informed and part of a collective committed to improving education. ACEL provides me with a network to connect with educational leaders and individuals interested in sharing discourse and research.

Lauren Sawyer, Executive Director Digital Learning, Research and Innovation, Melbourne Girls Grammar

Being part of ACEL is a commitment to improving educational outcomes across Australia. It’s all too easy to defer that responsibility to government or others, but choosing to be part of the education profession means embracing collective professional responsibility.

Peter Goss, Education policy advisor, Dandolo Partners

Being an ACEL member means I am connected to an inspiring community of school leaders and educators focused on continuous learning and delivering the best possible education opportunities for our students.

Rita Ellul, Director, Rita Ellul Education Consulting

Being a member of ACEL means that I can have the confidence in knowing that when it comes to my own professional learning and that of my staff, I can rely and trust on ACEL’s range of resources, workshops and conferences to guide me using best practice within our school community.

Sara Broster, Principal, Robinvale College

Membership of ACEL provides me with ongoing professional development and learning through the provision of research-based studies, professional readings and opportunities to attend conferences with world renowned presenters in an ongoing manner.

Sherril Duffy, Principal, Beaumaris North Primary School

ACEL provides me with a multi-sectoral opportunity to network with and learn from colleagues, and access to outstanding professional learning opportunities and reading.

Sue Harrap, Principal, Northcote High School

Being a member of ACEL means that, in a world awash with views about educational leadership, there is a reliable organisation that I can turn to for a research-based perspective. That ACEL has an Australian focus as well as an international outlook is a bonus.

Dr William Keane, Educational Leadership Consultant, Keane On Learning

If you ever needed a professional association, it would be now. The ACEL community is incredibly welcoming of its members, new and old. It’s a community that embraces innovation, excellence and wellbeing. It empowers and inspires. It is the one association that has had the greatest influence on my own professional life.

Meredith O’Connor is Deputy Principal, Regional Paediatric Hospital Programs, Queensland Children’s Hospital School

No doubt ACEL will continue its great work in bringing forward contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities and providing the space for educators to share insights and experience as we look to the future.

Pam Betts - Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for ACEL membership?

Whether you're just starting your leadership journey or have years of experience, ACEL membership is open to educators of all levels and backgrounds. From early childhood and care to higher education, schools and systems, our community includes teachers, researchers, advocates, consultants, and system leaders from diverse sectors and regions across Australia and beyond. View our membership tiers and options and find what fits best for you or your team.

How do I connect with my local state/territory branch?

Connect with your local ACEL state/territory branch and gain access to a wealth of opportunities to help you thrive in your career! Stay informed and engaged with the latest events, updates, and news by subscribing to our monthly branch newsletter. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of like-minded peers by attending our exciting local and online branch events, designed to build networks, share ideas, and inspire new ways of thinking. And don't forget to participate in our prestigious branch awards, where we celebrate excellence and recognise outstanding educational leadership in the field.

What can ACEL offer me and my leadership journey?

As an educator, ACEL can offer you a wide range of resources and opportunities to help you grow and succeed. ACEL provides access to a wealth of professional learning opportunities through our online and national events, as well as a chance to expand your knowledge and expertise through our expanding Leader’s Library. Our state and national awards recognise and celebrate excellence in educational leadership, and being a part of ACEL means that you can connect with like-minded peers through formal and informal networking events across the country and online via our new community platform. If you're looking to share your own knowledge and experience, you can submit a paper for publication in both of our journals: Australian Educational Leader and/or Leading & Managing. And if you're just starting out on your leadership journey, our New Voice Scholarships provide an excellent opportunity to gain recognition and support as you develop your leadership skills. Joining ACEL means opening up a world of possibilities whether you are a member or part of our community.

How does ACEL serve regional Australia?

At ACEL, we are dedicated to serving education leaders and professionals in regional Australia. We understand the unique challenges that come with leading and teaching in more remote areas, and we are committed to providing the support and resources you need to succeed. No matter where you are located, you can access our online webinars and benefit from our world-class speakers and presenters. Our member’s only community platform lets you engage with all ACEL members and gives you access to our Leader’s Library. A resource centre housing hundreds of articles, videos and activities which you can access anytime, anywhere.

In addition, we offer a free podcast that you can listen to on your own schedule, as well as subscribe to national and branch email newsletters that keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events, and trends in educational leadership. We know that networking is crucial to success, which is why we host events and conferences where you can meet and connect with other education leaders from across the country. And if you're interested in contributing to the conversation, we welcome you to post in our online community! Finally, we want to make sure that you have access to high quality and contemporary educational resources and materials. That's why we have a bookshop that ships to anywhere in Australia.

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