ACEL NT Awards: History

ACEL NT Fellowship Award

This award recognises members of ACEL who are making or have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of student achievement and organisational effectiveness through their leadership.

2018  John Cleary
Anthony Roberts
  Sandy Cartwright

ACEL NT Early Career Teacher Leadership Award

2018  Desley Ah Wang Emma Hansen
Clare Bubb, Mimi Woolley
  Megan Norrington  

ACEL NT Leadership Award

This award is presented each year to an educator or group of educators who have demonstrated excellent leadership in implementing an educational initiative, conducting research and/or influencing educational policy leading to improved educational outcomes for students in any educational setting. The award is aimed at all levels of leadership be it classroom, faculty, school, tertiary, system or consultancy.

2018  Professional Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory
Audrey Billias, Susan Edwards, Kerry Hudson, Susan Kilgour, Agnes McGrath, Paula Sellars, Regina Thompson
  Jo Glennon, Debra Witte

ACEL NT Inspiring Educator Award

This award honours educators whose teaching skills, relationships with students and attitude towards their work have inspired young people to enter the profession of teaching. It provides the profession and the community with examples of teachers whose pride in the work they do, and their commitment to the ideals and goals of teaching have influenced others to follow in their footsteps.

2018  Joan Ocampo
Bianca Hyke, Joe Cullinan, Marisa Boscato, Sophie Slack-Smith, Brises More
  Tessa Browett, Helen Cleanthous, Vanessa Haw, Holly Yan

ACEL NT Indigenous Leadership Award

2018  Alison Wunungmurra