Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School

Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan

Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School is an incisive critique of the failing reform movements in many countries and a powerful manifesto for the only strategy that can and does work. Hargreaves and Fullan set out exactly and undeniably why the only way to move forward is to honour and improve the profession of teaching.

In this book, the authors equip teachers and those who work with them with insights, ideas and actions that will dramatically improve their effectiveness, which in turn will improve societies and generations to come. Using the strategy of professional capital, educators will be able to harness the commitments and capabilities of many to transform the education system in countries around the world.

This is a must-have book for all educators out there who want to strengthen and improve the integrity of our education system for students and societies at large.

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Publish Date: 27 April 2012
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