Caring School Leadership

Caring School Leadership

Mark A. Smylie, Joseph F. Murphy, Karen Seashore Louis

Principles and possibilities to inform and inspire caring in your leadership practices!

The values and themes in this book will help you fulfill your school leadership practices with a renewed recognition of the human side of schooling. Written for leaders at all levels, this research-based collection of ideas, strategies, and examples focuses on caring as what’s been missing from school improvement plans that produce academic success and socially and emotionally well-rounded students. In addition to insights and lessons about caring from educators and human service professions like nursing and ministry, readers will be introduced to themes of :

* Caring in interpersonal relationships with students

* Cultivating schools as caring environments

* Fostering caring in families and communities

Published: 10th February 2020
ISBN: 9781544320113
Number Of Pages: 192
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