Do You Care to Lead?

Do You Care to Lead?
Do You Care to Lead?
A 5 Part Formula for Creating Loyal and Results Focused Teams and Organizations

Author: Michael G Rogers

Through Michael's five-part SONIC leadership formula, you will become a care to lead leader. You will discover one simple care to lead leader practice that can revolutionise the culture of your teams and/or organisations. How to build real trust on your teams and/or organisations and explode creativity and the volume of ideas. How to have more courage and second guess yourself less. Practical tips on skyrocketing individual performance. The secret to creating the most loyal followers on the planet! In this book, Michael illustrates his ideas and concepts through introspective questions and inspiring stories that keep you engaged and have you regularly looking at your own leadership and asking; Am I the kind of leader people really want to follow?

Published: 17th January 2020
ISBN: 9781119628415
Number Of Pages: 224
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