Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform

Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform
Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform

Author: Tracey Ezard

At the best of times leadership is messy. It's about a way of being, not doing. It's nebulous, nuanced and elusive, as much to do with feeling and energy as thinking and planning. It's contextual and responsive and can never be one size fits all. When great leaders are in balance, they are both ferocious about the moral purpose and courageously making a stand, while warmly building strong and enduring relationships. This seeming paradox comes together in what Tracey Ezard calls Ferocious Warmth. Leading within the tension of both epitomises the daily dance of leadership.

When you meet a Ferocious Warmth leader, you know it. It is art and science in partnership, a constant flow between the head and the heart and an essential skill for leaders who seek to inspire and transform education.

In this book, Tracey Ezard unpacks the elements of the Ferocious Warmth leader. Through stories, discussions with leaders in the field and research, she uncovers a new approach that will help education leaders everywhere find the sweet spot of leading results and relationships, strategy and culture, task and people.

Ferocious Warmth is firmly and unashamedly a book to celebrate the humanness seen in educational leaders everywhere, to pose questions and seek to answer them. It is a crucial read for those seeking to elevate their leadership.

Through her powerful use of story, Tracey illustrates how leaders in a wide variety of contexts have used the principles and skills of Ferocious Warmth leadership to better the lives of young people and adults working in ever increasingly complex circumstances. In an era where people are seeking not only direction but connectedness and purpose, this book is not only relevant but timely. The world needs more Ferocious Warmth!

Published: 3rd March 2021
ISBN: 9780648793120
Number Of Pages: 278
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