The Buzz.

The Buzz. Creating A Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture.

Author - Tracey Ezard

The Buzz is not your average educational text. But you will learn a lot about yourself, your colleagues and collaborating to build capacity and engage in topics that really matter.

Through a model called Learning Intelligence, educator, graphic facilitator and speaker Tracey Ezard encourages you to enjoy the journey towards producing a workplace with a real buzz. She uses storytelling and lots of graphics to help you reflect, analyse and plan the steps.

The Buzz arises from Tracey’s many years observing and identifying the key elements present in a thriving, engaged staff learning community – ones with the buzz. Through growing with the buzz, schools and organisations all over Australia are achieving far more than they ever dreamed.

Published: 7th August 2017
ISBN: 9780648793106
Number Of Pages: 132
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