Glue. The Stuff that Binds Us to do Extraordinary Work.
Author - Tracey Ezard

Trust and collaboration are essential for real innovation to flourish. Yet fear of failure and judgement often throttle the creative insights and knowledge-sharing that are so essential to the long-term success of companies today.

Glue not only recognises this problem, but opens a vital dialogue that leaders can continue with their people to find their own unique answers (now that’s collaboration!).

• Status quo will be questioned.
• Assumptions challenged.
• Not-knowing will be embraced.
• Honest conversations will happen naturally.
And eventually…
• Risks taken, so that trust and collaboration become a working reality.

Glue reminds us of our essential nature as human beings – as co-creators – with an inbuilt need for deep connection. Honour this 21st Century tribe culture, and watch your company become extraordinary!

Published: 17th November 2017
ISBN: 9780648793113
Number Of Pages: 238
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