OLD - Agents to Agency

OLD - Agents to Agency
Title: Agents to Agency: A Measurable Process for Cultivating Self-Directed Learner Agency

Author: Lee Crockett

Lee Crockett’s highly-anticipated new book Agents to Agency: A measurable process for cultivating self-directed learner agency follows on from his best-selling book Future-Focused Learning: 10 essential shifts of everyday practice. The transformation of classroom practice and moving the responsibility for learning from the teacher to the learner is examined in greater detail with an emphasis on the specific learning practices that successfully underpin the transition.

Agents to Agency: A measurable process for cultivating self-directed learner agency explores how to adopt learning practices that develop and enhance learner agency and will provide the understanding you need to move forward with it in your classroom. The reader is guided through the content with clear summaries, key points and tangible examples of each level of agency.

Lee provides a well-structured and systematic framework for developing agency in our classrooms and enabling students to become capable and independent learners. Lee breaks down what agency is and discusses why it is essential to successful and meaningful learning. The book then examines the crucial topic of learning intentions and success criteria which is pivotal to students knowing what proficiency will look like and guiding them towards achievement.

The final chapters present a series of learner agency continuums for facilitating and measuring learner agency as sensible and practical progressions for building self-directed learner agency with your learners. Case studies are included at the back of the book and an invitation to join the Future-Focused Learning Network, to provide you with ongoing support in your quest to help students move from agents to agency.

ISBN: 9781761411595
Publish Date: 15 February 2023
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