Australian Educational Leader AEL Volume 45 Issue 2 PRINT

Australian Educational Leader AEL Volume 45 Issue 2 PRINT
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Volume 45 Issue 2
Rethinking the workforce

Welcome to the second edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2023. We are delighted to present 'Rethinking the workforce'. Our lead articles have been written by Dr Jane A. G. Kise and; Dr Fiona Longmuir, Associate Professor Mike Phillips, Dr Beatriz Gallo Cordoba and Associate Professor Kelly-Ann Allen. Other sections include spotlight interview with Emeritus Professor Wendy Patton and book reviews.

Lead Articles
Polarity Thinking: Tools for moving forward together
Polarity thinking, tools, academic success, teacher professionalism, standardisation, customisation
Dr Jane A. G. Kise

What leaders need to know about teachers’ perceptions of their work teachers’ work, surveys, leaders, workload intensity, belonging to the profession, safety, motivation
Dr Fiona Longmuir, Associate Professor Mike Phillips, Dr Beatriz Gallo Cordoba, Associate Professor Kelly-Ann Allen

AEL Interview
Emeritus Professor Wendy Patton

AEL Articles
Thinking like a gardener: Principles and pathways for navigating “what works”
Associate Professor Glenn C. Savage

Rethinking teacher turnover
Dr Hugh Gundlach

Rethinking the regional, rural and remote education workforce
Dr John Halsey

Reconceptualising professional capital through leading with an infinite mindset
Michael Reardon

Success Stories
Going lawless with physics in early childhood education
STEM, early childhood education, FROEBEL, time.
Jessica Branca, Laura Kerr

Digital quality teaching rounds: Strengths, challenges and opportunities
Casey Norden, Allison Lloyd

FutureSchool: Australian case studies
Future Schools, case studies, Emmanuel College, Katherine High School, Warakirri College, design principles
Sue Buckley

Leadership Challenge
Why school leaders need to consider de-implementation as a strategy to rethink work
Dr Peter DeWitt, Dr Ray Boyd

Book Reviews
Educator Bandwidth. How to Reclaim your Energy, Passion, and Time (By Jane A. G. Kise and Ann C. Holm)
Reviewed by Kerrie Blain

Establishing Pathways to Inclusion (By Richard Rose and Michael Shevlin)
Reviewed by Meredith O’Connor

ACEL 2023
ISSN 1832–8245