School Climate

School Climate
School Climate
Leading With Collective Efficacy

Peter M. DeWitt

Build a positive school climate to impact students, teachers, and the community!

Is improving school climate on your to-do list? Do you think about it as a top-down directive or as a dialogue to build equity within the school? A healthy school environment should never be seen as an option, but instead supported as a must-have.

Peter DeWitt offers leaders practical high impact strategies to improve school climate, deepen involvement in student learning, and engage a broader family network. In addition to international vignettes focused on community stakeholders and research-based practices, this book features tools such as :

· a leadership growth cycle to help leaders build their self-efficacy
· a teacher observation cycle centered on building collective efficacy
· an early warning system to identify potential at-risk students
· action steps following each chapter to apply to your own setting
· discussion questions for use in team environments

Establishing a supportive and inclusive school climate where professionals can take risks to improve the lives of students is vital to maximize learning in any school community.

Published: 24th August 2017
ISBN: 9781506385990
Number Of Pages: 232
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