10 Perspectives on Learning in Education

10 Perspectives on Learning in Education
Title: 10 Perspectives on Learning in Education

Authors: Jimmy Casas, Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul

Featuring :
Jimmy Casas, Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul, Sanee Bell, Jessica Cabeen, Kayla Delzer, Garnet Hillman, Erin Klein, Derek McCoy, Brian Mendler

The best educators never stop learning about their students or their craft. In this second volume of the Routledge Great Educators Series, ten of education’s most inspiring thought-leaders come together to bring you their top suggestions for improving your students’ learning in the classroom and your own professional learning as an educator.

You’ll gain fresh insights on learning how to…
* Influence others and make a greater impact as a leader.
(Todd Whitaker)
* “Unlearn" traditional practices that no longer serve our students. (Jeffrey Zoul)
* Be vulnerable and willing to learn from and with colleagues.
(Jimmy Casas)
* Master your emotional intelligence to improve people skills.
(Sanee Bell)
* Shift the focus from grading to to standards-based learning.
(Garnet Hillman)
* Create student-centered learning environments with flexible seating. (Kayla Dornfeld)
* Balance the role of technology in your life and plug in more intentionally. (Jessica Cabeen)
* Focus on the non-negotiables for success with the hardest-to-reach kids. (Brian Mendler)
* Apply a cross-curricular, design-thinking approach to your curriculum. (Erin Klein)
* Connect with colleagues and students for true collaboration.
(Derek McCoy)

The book’s practical strategies and stories will inspire you on your journey to make a difference in students’ lives.

ISBN: 9780367335083
Published: 25 March 2020
Number Of Pages: 162
Routledge/Taylor & Francis
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