How to Succeed at School

How to Succeed at School
Title: How to Succeed at School: Separating Fact from Fiction

Author: Wendy Berliner, Judith Judd

This book shines a light on the best research into learning and the brain development that makes it all possible. Written by two distinguished education journalists, it provides an invaluable guide to the latest information for teachers and parents seeking to help children to make the best use of their potential and steer a true course through an often confused, noisy and crowded learning landscape where ideas compete and nothing can seem clear.

Summarising the most up to date and significant research in a jargon-free and understandable way, this book provides readers with simple and clear access to knowledge and information about what really helps children learn and flourish. Whether you’re a teacher who wants to encourage the right kind of parental support or a parent who wants to do the best for your child, this is an essential read. Drawing on expert analysis, interviews and example studies, the chapters tackle common misconceptions and myths, and explore crucial topics including:

* The use of neuroscience in education;
*The role of parents and how all parents can help their children learn;
* What works in the classroom and the best ways of teaching a child.

The first of its kind, this seminal text is a unique resource for parents, carers, primary and secondary teachers, student teachers, policymakers and anyone interested in the development of children and how they learn.

No of Pages: 196 pages
Published on: 28 November 2019
ISBN: 9780367186463
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