Essential Truths for Principals

Essential Truths for Principals
Title: Essential Truths for Principals : 1st Edition

Authors: Todd Whitaker, Danny Steele

School principals are constantly being pulled in different directions. How do you focus on the things that matter most? In this inspiring book from Danny Steele, creator of the popular Steele Thoughts blog, and Todd Whitaker, bestselling author and speaker, you’ll learn how to center your leadership on your core values and the practices that have the biggest impact. The authors reveal essential truths that will make you a more effective principal in areas such as school culture, appreciating teachers, and empowering your staff. The strategies are presented in digestible chunks, perfect for book studies, professional development sessions, and other learning formats. With the inspiring anecdotes and insights in this book, you’ll be reminded of your greater purpose – making a difference in students’ lives.

ISBN: 9780367138011
Published: 14 February 2019
Number Of Pages: 84
Routledge (Taylor & Francis)
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