MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South

MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South
Title: MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South: Challenges, Successes, and Opportunities

Authors: Ke Zhang, Curtis J. Bonk, Thomas C. Reeves, Thomas H. Reynolds

With e-learning technologies evolving and expanding at high rates, organizations and institutions around the world are integrating massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other open educational resources (OERs). MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South explores the initiatives that are leveraging these flexible systems to educate, train, and empower populations previously denied access to such opportunities.

Featuring contributors leading efforts in rapidly changing nations and regions, this wide-ranging collection grapples with accreditation, credentialing, quality standards, innovative assessment, learner motivation and attrition, and numerous other issues. The provocative narratives curated in this volume demonstrate how MOOCs and OER can be effectively designed and implemented in vastly different ways in particular settings, as detailed by experts from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific/Oceania, and the Caribbean.

This comprehensive text is an essential resource for policy makers, instructional designers, practitioners, administrators, and other MOOC and OER community stakeholders.

ISBN 9780367025779
Published on: 13 November, 2019
Number of Pages: 394 Pages
Routledge/Taylor and Francis
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