"How leaders inspire hope and create the future"

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders is proud to present the 2022 New Voice Perspectives, celebrating eight leaders recognised in the fields of school leadership, educational leadership research, and early childhood and care.

Every year, recipients are welcomed into the ACEL network contributing to and supporting the dissemination of new learning and thought. New Voice Scholarships are awarded to educators recognised as forward-thinking, contextually relevant and responsive leaders by peers and the wider education community. Over 100 talented educators have been awarded these scholarships since the program was initiated in 2014. 

The New Voice Perspectives provide an opportunity to explore and uncover new and diverse points of view. This year, recipients were asked to respond to one of four questions that considered how leaders inspire hope and create the future; the three main global challenges facing educational leaders; what it means to be an educational leader in 2022; and in an age of AI, how leaders can ensure that leadership remains human focused. As to be expected, the eight recipients highlighted many thoughtful and relevant views including the centrality of students and staff learning together both within and beyond the classroom; placing student voice at the heart of all teaching; the necessity for educators to work collectively to create systemic solutions to perennial issues facing schools; support for the wellbeing of both teachers and students; and the uniqueness of teacher-student relationships that cannot be replicated or replaced by AI.

As the 2022 New Voice scholars share their voice and rich perspectives throughout these pages, we envisage it will stimulate further prompts for reflection, planning, and action as we consider an educational environment in which anything is possible. Indeed, we have seen in the past 12 months that anything is possible. Those pivotal moments in time have illuminated the opportunity and importance of thinking without constraint. We are very proud to showcase each of our eight New Voice Scholars who have inspired us with their clarity of purpose in the pursuit of universal access and engagement for all students to achieve in schooling and beyond. 

Dr Barbara Watterston