Volume 46 Issue 1
Reimagining schools

Welcome to the first edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2024. We are delighted to present 'Reimagining schools'. With lead articles written by Professor Pasi Sahlberg and Associate Professor Anne Forbes. Our AEL Spotlight interview is with Alex Jenkins. Other sections include the Leadership Challenge, Success Stories and Book Reviews. Now available for individual purchase or FREE to all ACEL Members.

Since 1979, ACEL has published a quality professional magazine. Previously called the Practising Administrator, the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) is a nationally and internationally recognised journal that exchanges current research, trends, and good educational practice highlighting contemporary techniques and contexts. The journal is fundamentally concerned with the improvement of leadership and management in schools and other educational environments where it brings together passionate practitioners to share their expertise and challenges as a collective unit.

Published quarterly, the AEL is a forward thinking, relevant, and responsive agent of change and innovation that features a variety of topics and themes of interest to leaders and educational professionals today. Some of the past themes include mentoring and coaching for leading and learning; the emotional intensity of teaching and leading; whole school leadership; leading sustainable change; emotionally intelligent schools; and many more. The themes of each of the issues are both current and applicable to today’s practitioners. Feedback from our members and readers indicates that AEL is an invaluable resource for both inspiration and practical guidance.

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