Volume 45 Issue 1
Emotional intensity of teaching and learning

Welcome to the first edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2023. We are delighted to present 'Emotional intensity of teaching and learning'. Our lead articles have been written by Dr Jane A. G. Kise and Associate Professor Susan Beltman. Other sections include ACEL Speaks by Professor Ann McIntyre, spotlight interview with Lorraine Finlay and book reviews.

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From the CEO
Dr Barbara Watterston

Lead Articles

Brain bandwidth: A foundation for improving educator efficacy and wellbeing
Polarities; brain bandwidth; wellbeing; emotional intelligence; Brain Energy and Bandwidth Survey; COVID-19; stress;
Dr Jane A. G. Kise

Strategies to support teachers’ wellbeing
Teacher support; teacher emotional wellbeing; stress; challenges; organisational strategies
Associate Professor Susan Beltman

AEL Interview

Lorraine Finlay
Australian Human Rights Commission; Human Rights Commissioner; human rights, challenges; Australia; human rights education; human rights culture

ACEL Speaks

ACEL Speaks: ACEL Gold Medal 2020 Address : Professor Ann McIntyre
Gold Medal address; teaching and learning; equity; enabling; leadership; tipping points 
Ann McIntyre

AEL Articles

Managing the emotional intensity of teaching
Emotional intensity; emotional labour; emotional regulation; turnover intention; emotional demands; emotional intelligence; resilience
Dr Vicki S. Cameron

Linking aspirations, emotional intensity, and focus with wellbeing and learning

Voice; aspirations; self-awareness; Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations; hibernation; perspiration; aspiration; imagination
Sue Bryen

Mentoring to retain early career teachers
Coaching culture; principals; school improvement; mentoring; relational trust; instructional leadership
Dr Hugh Gundlach

Creating a coaching culture to support school improvement
Four greatest coaching conversations; BTS coaching; changing mindsets
Amber Gorrell

Success Stories

Teacher librarian as mentor: A vision for improving school outcomes
Teacher librarians; mentors; collaboration; Canberra; assessment tasks
Holly Godfree & Dr Kay Oddone

Outdoor Leadership and Mentoring Program: A case study of excellence at the system level
OLMP; Outdoor Leadership Mentoring Program; ACT; pre-service teachers; in-service teachers; mentoring relationships; culture
Peter Kent & Dr Kathy Mann

Enhanced Service provision thank you to online learning
Online learning; Child Safe Standards
Nicole Talarico