Volume 44 Issue 3
Inspiring hope, leading our future

Welcome to the third edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2022. We are delighted to present 'Inspiring hope, leading our future'. Our lead articles have been written by Dr Marcia Devlin and Dr Fiona Longmuir. Other sections include ACEL Speaks by Professor Sandra Milligan, success stories and a book review.

Follow the links below to download the individual articles for the current issue or click here to download the entire journal as a single file. Articles that are RED are free to access. Please use your current ACEL membership login to gain access to these and view AEL content. If you have any trouble accessing the journal, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


From the President
Stephen Gniel

From the CEO
Dr Barbara Watterston

Lead Articles

The road to sustainable leadership
Sustainable leadership, wellbeing, leaders, burnout, energy, giving
Dr Marcia Devlin

A capacity to aspire: Supporting children and young people to develop more positive orientations to the future
Student voice, student agency, disengagement, future of schooling, capacity to aspire
Dr Fiona Longmuir

ACEL Speaks

The 2022 Hedley Beare Oration: Surf’s up: Reflections on the current era of educational reform
Hedley Beare oration, surf, educational reform, first movers
Professor Sandra Milligan

AEL Articles

Trauma informed positive education: Enabling students to be ready to learn
Trauma informed positive education, student learning, how trauma affects learning, teacher support to improve pedagogy
Associate Professor Helen Stokes

Middle leadership in an age of uncertainty and change

Middle leadership, COVID-19, distributed leadership, change
Dr Siew Fong Yap

A culture of collective assessment literacy
Organisational culture; Acknowledging, valuing and managing diversity; Identifying key beliefs and values; Facilitating cultural learning
Sally Rankine, Heidi Reitsma, Associate Professor Jill Willis

Early reading and music: That magical partnership
Reading, music, partnership, Australian curriculum, neuromusicology
Dr Lorraine (Lorri) Beveridge 

Culture Determines Outcomes, Leaders Determine Culture
School culture, outcomes, leadership, climate
Ken Avenell

Success Stories

School wide pedagogy as a conduit for active change: The experience of an independent school for girls
leadership, action research, pedagogy, school-wide pedagogical change, change leadership
Dr Bruce Addison & Ms Susan Garson

Building teacher capacity to manage the classroom: A Western Australian program
Teacher capacity, classroom management, observations, Western Australia, workshops,
Jamie Mawer

Collective Leader Efficacy
leadership team goals, collective leader efficacy, research drivers of a successful team
Dr Peter DeWitt

Other Articles

Student Voice: Cornish College students share their experience of “Design Futures”
Student led curriculum; futures learning, student agency, student voice, Cornish College, Victoria
Laurent Julicher

ACEL Inclusion and Disability Conference May 2022 - Event Recap
Maree Neilsen