Volume 44 Issue 2
Developing a common culture in diverse organisations

Welcome to the second edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2022. We are delighted to present ‘Developing a common culture in diverse organisations'. Our lead articles have been written by Professor Emeritus Helen Timperley and Dr Kaye Twyford; and Suzanne Carrington. Other sections include AEL spotlight interview with Jioji Ravulo, success stories and book review.

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From the President
Stephen Gniel

From the CEO
Dr Barbara Watterston

Lead Articles

Building a learning culture through the attributes of adaptive expertise
Adaptive expertise; attributes; Learning culture; Practical suggestions
Professor Emeritus Helen Timperley, Dr Kaye Twyford

Leadership of inclusive culture
Onion skin model of culture; School leaders; Transformative leadership approach; Challenging inequity
Suzanne Carrington

AEL Interview

Jioji Ravulo
Inclusion and diversity conference; Mental health; Indigenous ways of knowing

AEL Articles

A culture of thinking for teachers
A culture of thinking for teachers; A culture of thinking for students; Project Zero
Cameron Paterson

From “finding time” to “investing time”: The importance of time and leadership for cultivating cultures of quality research use
Cultures of quality research; Q Project Team; Research study; Investing time for research in schools
Blake Cutler, Joanne Gleeson, Mark Rickinson, Lucas Walsh, Mandy Salisbury, Connie Cirkony

Building and sustaining a culture that unites school communities
Organisational culture; Acknowledging, valuing and managing diversity; Identifying key beliefs and values; Facilitating cultural learning
Teresa Angelico

Improving writing in schools using an adaptive, collaborative, and distributed leadership approach
Adaptive, collaborative approach; Distributed leadership; Writing initiative; Catholic schools in Riverina, NSW
Penny Ludicke, Belinda Brereton, Fiona Hillier

The power of leaders making connection through relationship
Working conditions of teachers; Effective relationships; Professional learning community flowchart
Michael Reardon

Success Stories

Accepting the challenge: How ATAR and the Humanities can reclaim their importance
Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), Humanities and social sciences (HaSS); The role and place of HaSS in the curriculum
Keith Briggs

Leading to influence as an instructional leader: A reflection on the Curiosity and Powerful Learning program
Curiosity and Powerful Learning program; David Hopkins; impact of program on leadership
Julie Kennedy, Stacey Exner

Leading an emotionally intelligent faculty
Balancing stones; Maths and numeracy; Emotionally intelligent faculty
Michael Murphy

Other Articles

Leadership Challenge: Leading from the middle – Three strategies to create a culture of learning
Middle leaders’ facilitation of collaborative cultures; Professional learning teams; Learning walks and talks; Moderation cycles
Elizabeth Benson, Sarah Gunn, Rachael Clarke, Joni Cameron