Volume 43 Issue 4
What Does it Take to Lead?

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2021. We are delighted to present ‘What Does it Take to Lead?'. Our lead articles have been written by Dr Paul Kidson & Dr Rachel Wilson, Joanne Casey, Dr Susan Simon & Dr Wayne Graham. Other sections include a spotlight interview with Patrea Walton, book reviews and a success story.

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From the President
Stephen Gniel

From the CEO
Dr Barbara Watterston

Lead Articles

A Common Good for the Commonwealth
Equity; school leadership; Mparntwe; Alice Springs; system, system leadership; educational leadership
Dr Paul Kidson and Dr Rachel Wilson

Leading with the Social Brain In Mind
Senior leadership; middle leadership; teaching teams; research; cognitive load
Joanne Casey, Dr Susan Simon & Dr Wayne Graham

AEL Interview

Patrea Walton - Spotlight Interview
Leadership; equality; school leadership; Indigenous education

AEL Articles

Who mentors the mentors? A view of the state of training for teacher-mentors in Australia
Mentoring; pre-service; mentoring programs; beginning teachers
Clara Wells & John De Nobile

From Pedagogue to Principal: Addressing the declining candidature for the principalship
Principals; leadership; recruitment; succession; educational leadership
Rob Sieben & Dr Brendan Bentley

Beliefs and values in self-directed leadership development
Educational leadership; self-directed leadership; beliefs; values; leadership development
Thomas A. Hunter

Success Stories

How new feedback from the classroom provides teachers with 'aha' moments to better meet student needs
Student feedback; academic performance; data; reflection
Phil Stubbs

ACEL Awards

Branch Awards

Other Articles

Student Voice: Reflecting on the impact of the past two years of schooling in Victoria
Student voice; ACEL National Conference; belonging; reflection
Sophie Murphy

Student Voice: Do Students Really Have a Voice in Your School?
Student voice; collaboration
Dr. Russ Quaglia & Dr. Kristine Fox

Leadership Challenge: Do we ever truly feel like we are leaders?
Middle leadership; reflection; belief; leadership challenge; leadership development
Liz Benson

Event Report - ACEL Online Conference September 2021
Christopher Newcombe