Volume 42 Special Edition 2
Leading On The Frontlines:
Leadership Through An International Crisis

As we have entered the second half of the year and a second wave of COVID-19 here in Australia, we find ourselves with a unique opportunity to hear further from educators and leaders who have adapted, changed and ensured the continuation of successful learning. As online and blended models of delivery have become the norm in Australia since March, there has been an increased recognition of both the excellence that the teaching profession delivers daily and the need to consider the wellbeing of both students and staff in schools.

This second AEL special edition features further perspective pieces from leaders, practitioners and researchers, illuminating their experiences as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued. These contributions, so willingly and eagerly shared, act as both a window into the current challenges and successes and in future, a time capsule from which we can all reflect on and remember the brilliance and passion that has been so readily highlighted by educators and leaders across Australia and the world.


Aasha Murthy


AEL Articles

Can a crisis lead to infinite gains for schools?
Michael Anderson

Challenges and Opportunities
Lauren Cook

Remote And Flexible Learning Provided Positive Lessons
Steve Cook – Foundation Principal, Albert Park College

Authentic Primary Science During Home Learning in the COVID-19 Lockdown
Simon Crook, Jennifer Fenech and Michelle Bourne

We Are All “Open to Learning”
Mary Jean Gallagher

COVID19 and Opening Spaces for Improving Education in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia
Dr John Halsey, Emeritus Professor, Flinders University

Loss And Gains Of COVID-19: Through The Eyes Of The Child
Alexandra Harper; Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett; Michele Peden; Danielle Cogley and Kim Bertino

Perspectives on the COVID-19 disruption – not wasting a good crisis
Phillip Heath AM, Jeremy von Einem

How will we create real, lasting change after COVID-19?
Sinan Kerimofski, President ACEL WA; Principal, Vasse Primary School

The Teacher Pivot
Rachael Lehr, Ray Boyd

Learning Well, Together: Researcher Perspectives of the COVID-19 Response in Schools and Implications for Future Research
Stephanie MacMahon; Annemaree Carroll and Jack Leggett