The rich data is presented in an easy to digest fashion and allows school leaders to gain valuable information that is relevant to their community context, providing “point-of-time” data to inform their strategic planning.

David Casey
Regional Consultant of Sydney Catholic Schools, NSW

The DISA is a comprehensive measurement tool that allowed our College to challenge what we do, what we plan to do, and what we assume we do, through the lens of learning as a whole school.

Andrew Panozzo
Deputy Principal, Investigator College, SA

Participation in the IDEAS project and DISA survey has provided our college with rich, relevant and easy-to-understand data to guide professional conversations about school alignment, school-wide pedagogy and professional learning. The inclusive nature of the process has allowed for parents, staff and students to provide rich input that has not only been used in developing our new Vision for Learning, but also helped inform the college strategic plan and annual school improvement plan.

Mark Antulov, Principal; Simon Kanakis, Vice Principal
Prendiville College, WA

The DISA survey was instrumental in providing the foundation for our Vision for Learning – Shine Through Discovery – Let Your Light Shine (Mat 5:16). It actively engaged our students, staff and parents in measuring our school success detailing areas needed for school improvement. Over the last three years, Newman College has successfully developed a school-wide pedagogy that Challenges, Collaborates, Creates and Celebrates our learning community. I highly recommend any school community to utilise this instrument to gauge an indicative measurement of the student and staff learning experience in their school.

John Finneran, Principal; Lisa Fogliani, Vice Principal
Newman College, WA

I have used the Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA) survey in my last four schools as a key macro-measuring tool of school alignment linked to the Research-Based Framework (RBF). The DISA provides me with numeric data, used to develop key performance indicators/targets that inform targeted strategic planning. The RBF and DISA are the foundations of my school improvement strategy, assist in school review processes and guide the future direction of my school. The introduction of this strategy over two years at Warriapendi PS (low SES), has increased student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy NAPLAN results to 9 Greens out of 10, and the school was nominated for School of the Year. Currently at Dianella Heights PS (high-performing school), I am using the combination of the DISA and RBF to propel the school into a new era of excellence in academic and social-emotional achievement.

Peter Jakimowiez, Principal
Dianella Heights Primary School, WA