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Science of learning and behaviour with Dr Judi Newman

Teachers and leaders are brain changers.  Explore the science of learning and behaviour, with Dr Judi Newman

Webinar 1 - Tuesday 5 March 2024 (4.00-5.00pm AEDT)

Understanding cognitive overload: Why does it take me so long to catch on when learning something new?  Why do others learn at a faster rate? Why can’t I think clearly when I am stressed? How does a pilot learn to think clearly in a stressful incident? How do I know if my students are on cognitive overload?

Topics covered:

  • Novice and expert learners
  • Action potential and Hebb’s Law
  • Strategies to overcome cognitive overload
  • The prefrontal cortex has very little room for new learning
  • The four types of downtime the brain requires for learning.
  • How habits reduce cognitive load


Webinar 2 - Tuesday 12 March 2024 (4.00-5.00pm AEDT)

Powerful memory techniques: Why do I forget why I walked into a room? Why do I see my new car on the road everywhere? How do card counters remember 52 cards so easily?  Why can I remember exactly where I was when Princess Dianna died? Do I really smell the coffee when I see a television advertisement for a cafe? Why is it difficult for students to apply something new to a different context? Why do smells bring back a flood of memories?

Topic covered:

  • Why episodic memory is more powerful than semantic memory
  • Memory formation, storage and retrieval
  • Barriers to memory
  • How to improve memory
  • Memory techniques
  • The importance of goal setting
  • Factors that influence retention
  • The brain is context and state sensitive


Webinar 3 - Tuesday 19 March 2024 (4.00-5.00pm AEDT)

Exploring learning readiness: Why do I learn better with people I like? Why do I always remember the one negative comment my friend made when she has made so many nice comments? Does chronic negativity really kill brain cells? Why are negative people more likely to be negative the next day? How do I know if my students are learning ready?

Topics covered:


  • How to make classrooms more inviting
  • How to calm the brain stem for learning readiness
  • Learning readiness techniques
  • The role of emotion in learning
  • The importance of well-being in learning
  • Attention grabbing factors
  • The early brain and the teenage brain in learning readiness


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5/03/2024 4:00 PM - 19/03/2024 5:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time

Program and Offers

Tuesday, 05 March 2024

5/03/2024 - 19/03/2024