In Conversation
with Yong Zhao

ACEL QLD Branch Breakfast  and Seminar with with Professor Yong Zhao:
Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Education: leveraging students as owners of their learning


  Friday 24th March 2023
Wavell State High School, Brisbane
7am - 12pm 


Breakfast Session Only:
Non Member - $85
ACEL Member - $65

Breakfast Session + Extended Session:
Non Member - $350
ACEL Member - $300

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  Breakfast Session Only - $225pp
Breakfast Session + Extended Session - $460pp

Decades of educational reforms have not produced the results that have been expected. The most fundamental reason is the negligence of students’ role in their learning. The reforms have primarily focused on curriculum, teachers and teaching, school leadership, and school accountability, but little has been done to activate students as the owners of their learning and little has been done to provide the flexibility students need to develop their talents and passions. Moreover, schools, after COVID-19 and the reshaping of globalization, are in a different place, what should schools do today to create the best educational environment for all students? In the context of emerging challenges facing education, Yong will share examples of changes schools could take to make education more meaningful for all students to own and manage their learning, to make learning strengths-based and passion-driven – where education is more meaningful for all students and more productive for the future. 

After an introduction of key concepts during the breakfast presentation, Yong will take a deeper dive with participants to explore how students can be self-determined partners in their learning particularly in light of the most recent examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that have garnered tremendous reactions in the broad society. AI and technological changes’ challenges to education are fundamental and real. How should schools and teachers react to AI and other technological changes? Schools are also facing historic challenges in teaching students to combat racism, counter climate change, and contribute to the wellbeing of humanity and the world. What should schools do to change their teaching so students can become contributing human beings and change partners in their own learning.               

Event Details

This event is available as two options. Breakfast only for all participants (Part 1) and extended session with Yong Zhao (Part 2).

Timings (subject to minor adjustments)

PART 1 - Breakfast session only
7.00am - Registration
7.15am - Breakfast
7.45am - 8.45am: In conversation with Yong Zhao

PART 2 - Extended session
9.00am - 10.30am: Extended session with Yong Zhao
10.30am - 10.50am - Refreshments
10.50am - 12.00noon:Extended session with Yong Zhao