Virtuous Educational Leadership

Virtuous Educational Leadership
Title: Virtuous Educational Leadership:
Doing the Right Work the Right Way

Author: Viviane Robinson

Excellent leadership matters

Without excellent leadership, school improvement is impossible, or at least impossible to sustain. But what are the characteristics of an excellent leader? Is general leadership experience and knowledge enough? And how do you practically grow and develop leadership in yourself and others so you can all have a bigger impact on student outcomes?

This integrated, holistic resource explores the virtues that are integral to achieving excellence in educational leadership, while offering practical guidance on how to do the right work in the right way—no matter what challenges you face or student inequities you’re trying to overcome. Features include:

Practical, research-based applications of virtue theory
Examples of school leaders’ thinking and actions
In-depth yet accessible theoretical analysis
Detailed analysis showing theoretical concepts in practice
Summaries and reflection questions
The success of your students and teachers is directly linked to your influence, your knowledge and ideas, your personal character, and your ability to focus on the proper purposes of education.

ISBN: 9781071803721
Edition Number: 1
Published on: 26 October 2022
Number of Pages: 288
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Reduce Change to Increase Improvement

Reduce Change to Increase Improvement
Viviane Robinson

Planned changes often fail because those designing them underestimate the complexity of implementation.

Reduce Change to Increase Improvement provides a practical structure for helping system and school leaders increase improvement while reducing ineffective change and innovation. By drilling down to the beliefs and values that inform the actual practice of change leaders, Robinson identifies the mindset, processes, and actual behaviors that contribute to successful reform efforts and, importantly, provide school leaders with concrete tools that enable them to be more effective.

The structures described in the book are illustrated by numerous examples, cases, and conversation extracts and center on four phases of engagement:

- Agreeing about the problem to be solved
- Revealing the beliefs that sustain the current practices
- Evaluating the relative merit of the existing practices and proposed theory
- Implementing and monitoring the new theory of action.

Edition Number: 1
Published: 3rd October 2017
ISBN: 9781506325378
Number Of Pages: 152
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Open-To-Learning Leadership

Open-To-Learning Leadership
Open-To-Learning Leadership: How to Build Trust While Tackling Tough Issues

by Viviane Robinson, Frauke Meyer, Deidre M Le Fevre, Claire EL Sinnema & Denyse Pope

Open-to-learning™ Leadership addresses how leaders can build trust in teams and with individuals while tackling the tough issues associated with the work of educational improvement. It calls educational leaders’ attention to the values and behaviours needed to engage in respectful and constructive conversations about concerns that stand in the way of quality teaching and student learning. Open-to-learning™ Leadership integrates behaviours and values, and supports leaders to build more effective patterns of both thought and action. This book offers an overview of the research base the model is based on and includes many practical suggestions on how leaders can engage in more Open-to-learning™ conversations.

This book covers topics such as
- how leaders deal with concerns that arise in their daily work, such as performance issues or parental complaints
- how leaders use genuine inquiry to help the concern resolution process
- how leaders can deal with difference and disagreement in more constructive ways
- how embedding Open-to-learning™ Leadership in system-wide practices can support wider school improvement.

Open-to-learning™ Leadership is a timely and valuable resource for teacher leaders, senior leaders, principals and system leaders, and for any leader who wants to reflect on and better the way they pursue improvement through conversation with others.

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Corwin Impact Leadership 8PK Collection

Corwin Impact Leadership 8PK Collection
Corwin Impact Leadership 8PK Collection Set :

Featuring 8 Best Selling Leadership Titles for the Corwin Impact Series

System Recall :
Leading for Equity and Excellence in Education
Alma Harris, Michelle S Jones
ISBN: 9781544342269

Collaborative Professionalism :
When Teaching Together Means Learning for All
Andy Hargreaves, Michael T. O'Connor
ISBN: 9781506328157

Reduce Change to Increase Improvement
Viviane Robinson
ISBN: 9781506325378

FinnishED Leadership :
Four Big, Inexpensive Ideas to Transform Education
Pasi Sahlberg
ISBN: 9781506325422

Principal Voice:
Listen, Learn, Lead
Russell J Quaglia
ISBN: 9781506330433

Indelible Leadership:
Always Leave Them Learning
Michael Fullan
ISBN: 9781506323626

Reaching the Heart of Leadership:
Lessons Learned and Insights Gained
Avis E Glaze
ISBN: 9781506325323

Reach for Greatness:
Learner Driven Education
Yong Zhao
ISBN: 9781506316093

8 Pack Collection | Paperback
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