10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education

10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education
Title: 10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education

Authors: Vivienne Porritt (Editor), Keziah Featherstone (Editor)

62% of teachers in secondary schools are women but only 39% of secondary headteachers are female

Only 7% of women in education will attempt to negotiate their initial salary offer, compared to 57% of their male counterparts

1 in 4 teachers who quit the classroom in recent years were women aged 30-39

What would you do to make a change today if you were 10% braver?

This is the ultimate guide for women in education. Written by leading members of the grassroots #WomenEd movement, it offers guidance on how to attain and succeed in leaderships positions, alongside nuanced analysis and debate of topics including: the gender pay gap, gender stereotyping in schools and beyond, the realities experienced by BME leaders and how flexible working cultures can redress inequities.

Each chapter gives advice on how we can all change things for the better, as individuals, in our schools, and across the system, and how you can be part of the #WomenEd movement to improve equality in education for everyone.

ISBN: 9781526460042
Published on: 01 March 2019
Number of Pages: 176
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Step In Step Up

Step In Step Up
Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey

Author: Jane Kise, Barbara Watterston

In Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey, authors Jane A. G. Kise and Barbara K. Watterston guide aspiring and current women leaders through a twelve-week developmental journey.

Women are underrepresented in educational leadership positions, and the negative connotations sometimes associated with women holding power roles can discourage them from becoming leaders. Through activities, reflection prompts and real-life stories and scenarios, this book helps women navigate these challenges to find their own leadership identity.

F–12 leaders and administrators will:

* learn about the need for women in leadership positions
* consider their own leadership strengths and determine areas for improvement
* gain motivation and confidence to tackle leadership complexities and overcome gender barriers
* obtain tools and activities for creating an action plan for effective leadership
* complete reflection activities to reinforce learning and professional development.

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ISBN: 9781760565350
No of Pages: 254
Publish Date: 15 April 2019
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Head and Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership

Head and Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership
Title: Head and Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership

Author: Kirstin Ferguson

Leadership is simply a series of moments and every moment gives you the opportunity to leave a positive legacy for those you lead.

In this ground-breaking book, award-winning leadership expert and business leader Kirstin Ferguson has written a much needed practical guide for every modern leader. Whether you are the head of one of the largest companies in the world, supervising a small team or guiding your family, it will be your ability to integrate your head and heart that will influence your success in leading others and navigating our complex world.

Combining studies from leading thinkers in the field with her own research, and more than three decades of personal experience, Kirstin explains the eight key attributes of a head and heart leader, and provides the tools to measure your own approach. Along the way, she shares her conversations with modern leaders from a broad range of backgrounds whose stories will surprise you, challenge your thinking and inspire you to be the type of leader the world needs today.

ISBN: 9781761046063
Published: 31st January 2023
Number of Pages: 336
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Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform

Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform
Title: Ferocious Warmth - School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform

Author: Tracey Ezard

At the best of times leadership is messy. It's about a way of being, not doing. It's nebulous, nuanced and elusive, as much to do with feeling and energy as thinking and planning. It's contextual and responsive and can never be one size fits all. When great leaders are in balance, they are both ferocious about the moral purpose and courageously making a stand, while warmly building strong and enduring relationships. This seeming paradox comes together in what Tracey Ezard calls Ferocious Warmth. Leading within the tension of both epitomises the daily dance of leadership.

When you meet a Ferocious Warmth leader, you know it. It is art and science in partnership, a constant flow between the head and the heart and an essential skill for leaders who seek to inspire and transform education.

In this book, Tracey Ezard unpacks the elements of the Ferocious Warmth leader. Through stories, discussions with leaders in the field and research, she uncovers a new approach that will help education leaders everywhere find the sweet spot of leading results and relationships, strategy and culture, task and people.

Ferocious Warmth is firmly and unashamedly a book to celebrate the humanness seen in educational leaders everywhere, to pose questions and seek to answer them. It is a crucial read for those seeking to elevate their leadership.

Through her powerful use of story, Tracey illustrates how leaders in a wide variety of contexts have used the principles and skills of Ferocious Warmth leadership to better the lives of young people and adults working in ever increasingly complex circumstances. In an era where people are seeking not only direction but connectedness and purpose, this book is not only relevant but timely. The world needs more Ferocious Warmth!

ISBN: 9780648793120
Published on: 3 March 2021
Number Of Pages: 278
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Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds
Beating the Odds
A practical guide to navigating sexism in Australian universities

Author: Marcia Devlin

This humorous book about a serious topic will help women learn to beat the current odds for their university career success and achieve their full potential. Marcia Devlin's tough, funny and practical guide to kicking the system in the butt will give women who read it an unfair advantage and help them fight the odds and win.

Devlin tells it like it is and it's not good. Men hold 75 percent of senior university roles in Australia. There are 86 percent more male than female professors at the top of the academic scale. And these figures are not shifting, or not shifting fast enough. While the book addresses success in the academic setting, its advice will be relevant to many professional women in other settings.

In a book that is both a call to arms and a roadmap to success, Devlin draws on her own experiences and those of hundreds of women, many of whom she has mentored, to reveal the attitudes, tactics and frameworks that have proved successful against the odds.

Readers of Beating the Odds, will:

· identify exactly how and why sexism is holding their career back
· learn how to plan in ways that mitigate the odds stacked against them
· respond to sexist tactics such as being interrupted, spoken over, and having their ideas stolen
· become bad at housework at home and at work
· use the time, energy and goodwill they save by being bad at housework for their advancement
· harness their anger in constructive ways
· laugh in the face of the system that tries to hold them back.

In her clarion call to women, Devlin unashamedly seeks to undermine the sexist way that universities operate and start a revolution towards gender equality in our intellectual seats of power.

Published: 17th May 2021
ISBN: 9780645101034
Number Of Pages: 188
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Future Alternatives for Educational Leadership

Future Alternatives for Educational Leadership
Future Alternatives for Educational Leadership
Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Democracy

Edited By Deborah M. Netolicky

This book offers provocations for what's now and what's next in educational leadership, simultaneously bringing the field both back to its basics--of equity, democracy, humanity, and education for all--and forward to productive, innovative, and necessary possibilities. Written during the pandemic reality of 2020, this collection shares the global voices and expertise of prominent and emerging leaders, scholars, and practitioners in education from the UK, the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The authors engage with the complexities and uncertainties of leading in education. They examine research, reflections, and real stories from which school leaders, education system leaders, policymakers, and researchers in the field of educational leadership, can learn, and in which they will find honesty, authority, and inspiration to guide the future of the field.

The new perspectives and hopeful alternatives presented in this outstanding book are essential to researchers, school leaders, and policymakers, and are key to advancing education into positive and democratic futures.

Published: 2nd September 2021
ISBN: 9780367674847
Number Of Pages: 246
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Doing Middle Leadership Right

Doing Middle Leadership Right
Doing Middle Leadership Right: A Practical Guide to Leading with Honesty and Integrity in Schools

Author: Lyndsay Bawden, Jade Hickin, Kaley Macis-Riley

Are you a new or aspiring middle leader? Or have you been doing the job for a while but want some practical tips to ease workload and support your staff? This book draws together real experiences of middle leadership, both good and bad, and offers practical tips to help you find your voice, support your team, act with integrity and work with the Senior Leadership Team to improve your school.

Covering all aspects of middle leadership including leadership styles, pedagogical approaches, the role of social media, how to tackle difficult conversations, staff wellbeing and much more, the authors will help you avoid common pitfalls, navigate highs and lows, and develop a school environment that enables both students and staff to flourish.

For any new, experienced or prospective middle-leader Doing Middle Leadership Right provides a professional insight into how to lead with humanity at the centre of your practice. It puts staff and their wellbeing first – focussing not only on how to have the highest standards for both students and staff but also how to lead ethically.

Published: 26th April 2022
ISBN: 9780367749699
Number Of Pages: 176
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