Educator Bandwidth

Educator Bandwidth
Educator Bandwidth: How to Reclaim Your Energy, Passion, and Time

Authors: Jane a. G. Kise, Ann Holm

It's time to make your mental bandwidth work for you. Being an educator is more stressful than ever, and teachers and administrators must constantly shift gears to stay on top of the newest initiatives and students' ever-changing needs. Educator Bandwidth: How to Reclaim Your Energy, Passion, and Time provides the tools and strategies to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and regain the time that gets lost to interruptions, temptations, competing demands, and task-switching.

The first step is to understand how much stress is weighing on your own mental bandwidth. Professional development experts Jane A. G. Kise and Ann Holm have developed the Brain Energy and Bandwidth Survey to help you self-assess the six key factors that contribute to bandwidth:

* Balance between priorities
* Filtering through possibilities
* Mental habits that improve focus
* Physical habits that fuel the brain
* Connection with others
* Workload and time management

Kise and Holm combine the latest neuroscience research with their own extensive experience working with educators to bring the most effective strategies and habits that help you manage your mental bandwidth and prioritize drains on mental energy. When you can establish good habits, focus on what's possible within your locus of control, and balance priorities, you can improve your educator bandwidth and feel more engaged, centered, and effective in your work.

Available: 15th July 2022
ISBN: 9781416631132
Number Of Pages: 175
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Differentiated Coaching

Differentiated Coaching
Differentiated Coaching
A Framework for Helping Educators Change

Author: Jane A. G. Kise

Differentiate your coaching practice to meet the needs of every teacher!

Jane Kise takes you on a journey into differentiated coaching with a strength-based framework for understanding, appreciating, and working with people who may think differently from you. Through an online self-assessment tool, you will discover how your strengths and beliefs influence your coaching practice. Through examples, case studies, and reflection exercises, you will understand how to:

Tailor your coaching practices to meet the needs of each educator
Increase teacher willingness to implement new skills in their classrooms
Anticipate patterns of resistance and adjust both the content and delivery of professional development

Edition Number: 2
Published: 14th September 2017
ISBN: 9781506327754
Number Of Pages: 256
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Step In Step Up

Step In Step Up
Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey

Author: Jane Kise, Barbara Watterston

In Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey, authors Jane A. G. Kise and Barbara K. Watterston guide aspiring and current women leaders through a twelve-week developmental journey.

Women are underrepresented in educational leadership positions, and the negative connotations sometimes associated with women holding power roles can discourage them from becoming leaders. Through activities, reflection prompts and real-life stories and scenarios, this book helps women navigate these challenges to find their own leadership identity.

F–12 leaders and administrators will:

* learn about the need for women in leadership positions
* consider their own leadership strengths and determine areas for improvement
* gain motivation and confidence to tackle leadership complexities and overcome gender barriers
* obtain tools and activities for creating an action plan for effective leadership
* complete reflection activities to reinforce learning and professional development.

Code: SOT5350
ISBN: 9781760565350
No of Pages: 254
Publish Date: 15 April 2019
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Intentional Leadership: 12 Lenses for Focusing Strengths, Ma

Intentional Leadership: 12 Lenses for Focusing Strengths, Ma
Intentional Leadership: 12 Lenses for Focusing Strengths, Managing Weaknesses, and Achieving Your Purpose

Author - Jane Kise

Most executives lead with a purpose. Yet many lack self-knowledge, failing to recognise the limitations that accompany their strengths. They drive forward too boldly, unwittingly creating the potential for one slip or bump along the way to diminish their work and the respect of those they lead. That lack of self-knowledge may threaten a once promising career.

Intentional leaders, however, learn to focus on not only what they plan to accomplish, but also how they will lead others to get there. In Intentional Leadership, Jane A. G. Kise introduces the 12 Lenses for Leadership – a framework developed from extensive research on personality type and emotional intelligence that offers a meta-analysis of the essential tasks and attitudes of successful leaders. Through these lenses, you will learn:

1. How personality type informs decision making
2. How to identify and then compare your strengths and values to good leadership practice
3. How to identify your potential weaknesses and blind spots
4. How to use your strengths and weaknesses to optimise your leadership style.

With a provocative analysis and clear guidance, Intentional Leadership helps you align your purpose and actions to achieve your true potential as a leader.
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Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools

Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools
Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools: Twelve Lenses to Balance Priorities and Serve the Whole Student

Jane Kise

Lead a school where educators help students flourish academically, socially and emotionally. In Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools: Twelve Lenses to Balance Priorities and Serve the Whole Student, leadership expert Jane A. G. Kise offers a toolkit of strategies that support the daily work of school leaders. Through the Twelve Lenses of Leadership, F–12 leaders and administrators will discover core leadership competencies to overcome ongoing challenges, navigate competing priorities and unite their entire school community around one common purpose: supporting whole-child learning.

Readers will:

*learn about the essential components of effective leadership development
* use the power of both–and thinking and connections to emotional intelligence to develop leadership skills and overcome inherent biases
* create an environment of collaborative trust where students and educators feel engaged and motivated
* make progress in whole-child achievement while ensuring educators feel a sense of purpose
* gain insight into setting ambitious leadership development goals by establishing a priority focus.

Published: 24th May 2019
ISBN: 9781945349935
Number Of Pages: 248