Leading and Coaching a Culture of Thinking
Dr. Ron Ritchhart


27 May 2022
Sydney Masonic Centre
66 Goulburn Street
9am – 3pm AEDT

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A key principle of the Worldwide Cultures of Thinking Project is that for classrooms to be cultures of thinking for students, schools have to be cultures of thinking for teachers. Achieving this goal often demands that schools shift and change the types of conversations they have to better focus them on issues of teaching and learning than on issues of schooling. We see the most gains in student performance and school transformation when schools make the discussion of thinking, examination of student work, and the taking of risks in trying new teaching practices central to the work of the school. This seminar is aimed at laying the groundwork for this type of development shift by exploring ways participants might build on and extend the professional learning culture that currently exists at their schools. We will examine tools, frameworks, protocols, and practices that the Worldwide Cultures of Thinking Project has developed to support the development of cultures of thinking at the school-wide level.

Dr. Ron Ritchhart

Ron Ritchhart is a Senior Research Associate and Principal Investigator at Harvard Project Zero where his work focuses on the development of school and classroom culture as prime vehicles for developing students’ as powerful thinkers and learners. Ron’s most recent book, Creating Cultures of Thinking, takes readers inside a diverse range of learning environments to show how teachers create classrooms where thinking is valued, visible and actively promoted as part of the day to day experience of all group members. Howard Gardner has called the book “ a tour de force” for Ron’s ability to seamlessly merge theory, research, practice and application together in a highly accessible and engaging manner.

Ron's research and writings have informed the work of schools, school systems, and museums throughout the world. His book Making Thinking Visible, co-written with Mark Church and Karin Morrison, has popularized the use of thinking routines to facilitate deep learning and high engagement. Ron and Mark Church have just finished a new book, The Power of Making Thinking Visible, in which they introduce a new set of routines and share what they have learned about the successful integration of thinking routines as a powerful teaching tool.