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ACEL QLD Awards: History

Miller-Grassie Award for Outstanding Leadership in Education

The annual ACELQ ‘Miller-Grassie’ address and President’s Citation provides a unique opportunity to acknowledge and perpetuate the memory of the life and work of Dr Laurie Miller and Associate Professor MacCrae Grassie. Each year ACEL recognises an outstanding Queensland educational leader or team whose achievements have shown exceptional merit in ways that are reflective of the ideas and work of these two pioneering educational leaders.

2023  Jacinda Euler Welsh
2022  Karen Spiller OAM CF FACEL
2021  Dr Lee-Anne Perry AM FACEL
2020  Associate Professor Jill Willis
2019  Dr Paul Browning
2018  Professor Donna Pendergast
Dr Joan Conway
Professor Wendy Patton
Dr Kenneth Avenell
  Professor Glen Postle AM
2013  Dr Stephen Brown
2012  Assoc Prof Dorothy Andrews
2011  Prof Neil Dempster
2010  Michael Byrne
2009  Julie Grantham

The Excellence in Educational Leadership Award

This award is presented each year to an educator or group of educators who have demonstrated excellent leadership in implementing an educational initiative, conducting research and/or influencing educational policy leading to improved educational outcomes for students in any educational setting. The award is aimed at all levels of leadership be it classroom, faculty, school, tertiary, system or consultancy.

2023  Sherril Butterworth, Paul Clegg, Debra Evans, Christopher Lassig, Sharon Schimming
2022  Candi Dempster, Aunty Denise Proud, Jennie Robinson, Rachel Scott, Kirby Short, Dr Liam Smith
Sharon Collins, Kort Goodman, Bronwyn Johnstone, Kay Kirkman
Michael Newman, Dr Cameron Brooks, Associate Professor Grace Sarra, Dr Marnee Shay
Lee Catterall, Deborah Dunstone, Peter Kelly, Jim Midgley, Dennis Mulherin, Dr Lee-Anne Perry, Karen Spiller
Ros Curtis, Dr Cathy Day, Geoff McLay, Anne McKenny, Geoff Newton, Dr Judy Smeed
  Tania Leach, Leanne Nixon
Pam Carden, Tamara Sullivan & Patrea Walton
  Mark Creedon & John Ryan
2014  Helen Starr
2013  Maryanne Walsh
2012  Ken Avenell
2011  Gabrielle Matters
2010  Norman Hunter

Emerging ATSI Educational Leadership Biennial Award

This biennial award provides an Indigenous educational leader in the first five years of their career with the opportunity to undertake professional learning in educational leadership.

2019  Cory Kempthorne
2018  Alec Warner, Tegan Baumgart
Preston Parter
  Yolanda Coutts, John Davis, Baressa Frazer
2012  Jack Manning-Bancroft
2010  Michael Nai
2008  Scott Gorringe

The Indigenous Leadership Award

Previously a biennial award, the ACELQ Executive has established this annual award to recognize the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators or teams. Recipients of this award draw on cultural knowledge, community connections and understanding of student learning needs to create experiences that build respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture and enhances student outcomes.

2023  Tammy Baart
2022  Jade Shaw
2021  Chris Bartlett, Phyllis Marsh

Emerging Educational Leadership Biennial Award

This biennial award provides an educational leader in the first five years of their formal leadership career with the opportunity to undertake professional learning in educational leadership. ACEL will provide funding to support the award recipient to engage in professional learning which will significantly inform and influence their educational leadership practice within their school setting.

2023  Jane Martens
2022  Rachael Clarke, Michael Crowe, Liisa Hammond, Casey Robinson
2021  Dajana Zec, Julian Wenke
2020  Jennifer Smeed, Naomi Gibb, Polly Crawford, Doomadgee State School Team (Sara Janke, Jessie Woldt, James Cook, Jelena Colic), Angela Martlew
2017  Travis Goulter
2015  Leanne Odorico
2013  Pauline Newton

The Emerging Educational Leadership Award - Indigenous Leader

2020  Townsville Catholic Education Indigenous Team (Tammi Webber, Krista O’Connor, Janelle Knack)

The Pivotal People Leadership Award

Established in 202O, the Pivotal People Leadership Award, recognises an influential middle leader, or team of middle leaders who have been pivotal in generating enhanced learning outcomes for students from their direct and positive influence on teachers’ practice.

2023  Katie Bryant, Susan Garson, Ormiston College Leadership Team (Amanda Turner, Holly Photiou, Danielle Askin, Jemma Trendler)
2022  Stephen Crapnell, Joanna Holden, Shannon Lacey, Lyn McErlean, Gae Nastasi, Iain Taylor
2021  Joni Cameron, Madonna Potter, Claire Preston, The Gold Coast Pivotal People Organising Team (Elizabeth Benson, Nicole Elkins, Wendy McKay, Olivia Ross)

Inspiring Educator Award

This award honours educators whose teaching skills, relationships with students and attitude towards their work have inspired young people to enter the profession of teaching. It provides the profession and the community with examples of teachers whose pride in the work they do, and their commitment to the ideals and goals of teaching have influenced others to follow in their footsteps.

2023  Ian Burgess
2022  Astrid Perkins
2021  Debbie Schuler
2020  Graeme Morton AM
2019  Samantha Johnstone
2018  Wendy Martin
  Heather Cowan
Gerard Monsour
Alison McCracken
  Clare Schinkel
2013  Lis Hoey
2012  Darren Graham
2011  Di Carter
2010  Phillip Giblett & Karen Tanks

Research in Educational Leadership and Management Awards

ACELQ promotes the principles and practices of good educational leadership through partnerships with universities and tertiary institutions. Post Graduate students are nominated by their universities for exceptional academic achievement in advanced studies in educational leadership.

2023  Jennifer Achari, Katie Biggin, Dr Joanne Casey, Dr Vicki Farwell, Dr Rebecca Maxwell
2022  Dr Liam Herbert (GU), Dr Tania Leach (USQ), Kylie Murphy (UQ), Dr Brett Rangiira (ACU)
2021  Dr Damien Barry (GU), Ashley Moor (UQ), Dr Paul Teys (USQ)
2020  Liam Auliciems (UQ), Dr Julie Lindsay (USQ), Dr Louise Wilkinson (JCU)
2019  Dr Natalie Swayne (QUT)
2018  Dr Nerida Spina (QUT), Dr Belinda Holmes (USQ)
Dr Shauna Petersen (USQ), Dr Amanda Heffernan (UQ), Dr Francis Raymond Ackah (GU), Dr Talitha Kingsmill (ACU)
Dr Linda Evans (QUT), Dr Susan Carter (USQ), Dr Steven Lewis (UQ)
Wayne Batiste (QUT), Dr Kenneth Avenell (GU)
  Dr Cheryl Bauman (USQ), Dr Ray Bloxham (QUT), Dr Anna du Plessis (UQ), Dr Andrea O’Brien (ACU)
2013  Katherine Jackman (QUT), Sherilyn Lennon (USQ), Sally Pitkin (UQ)
2012 Anders Kletthagen  (QUT), Senthurini Jeyaraj  (USQ), Philip Bulawa   (JCU)
2011 Rosemary Cooper (QUT), Mark Dawson (USQ), Darren Iselin (UQ), Catherine Massetti (ACU)
2010 Stephen Brown (USQ), Michelle Buiatti (GU), Greg Parry (CQU), Daniel Pampuch (UQ), Tammy Somerwil (QUT)

Media Award

This award recognises a significant contribution by an individual or media organisation towards creating or facilitating depth and balance in public debate on educational matters in the media. It may be awarded for a single media event or for a long-term commitment on the part of the recipient.

2023  Sarah Kanowski, Jessica Schwilk
2022  Madonna King, Journalist, commentator and Author
2021  Dr Judith Locke
2020  Department of Education, Channel 9 Queensland, Network 10, Seven productions
2019  Tanya Chilcott
2018  Rebecca Sparrow
  Angela Mollard
Natasha Bita
  Mary-Rose Maccoll
2013  Steve Austin
2012  Richard Fidler
2011  Madonna King
2010  Madonna King & Frances Whiting

ACELQ Commendation Award

This is an ACELQ Executive award acknowledging the initiative of educational leaders who have worked collaboratively on a project, building on each other’s expertise, applying it to meet the particular needs of their school communities, resulting in a greater impact collectively than if they were to have worked alone. By developing a strong collegial approach and leading their respective organisations for learning, they have demonstrated the importance of building strong external relationships.

2023  Dr Theresa Bourke, Karen Caswell, Joe Wright, Jacqui Zervos
2022  Deanne Clark, Sue Dalton, Sue Grotherr, Dr Stephanie MacMahon, Jacqueline Wilton
2021  Dr Suraiya Abdul Hameed, Ormiston College Wellbeing Team (Craig Askin, Sandra Middleton, Erin Ware)
Paul Hornibrook, Phillip Makridakis, Diane Bukowski
2019  Nicole King, Pamela Ruddell
2018  Metropolitan Aspiring Leaders Group:
Brad Clark, Liz Foster, Amanda Hawkswell, Kim McNamara, Lisa Morrison, Emily Simons, Paul Zernike
  Vicki Caldow
Dr Jim Watterston
  Jon Andrews, Christina Coogan, Deb Evans, Des Hyton
  Corrine McMillan, Llew Paulger, Andrew Peach


This award recognises members of ACEL who are making or have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of student achievement and organisational effectiveness through their leadership.

*Denotes National Fellowship

Elizabeth Foster

Peter Grootenboer

Alexander Mason
James Midgley
Toni Riordan
Louise Vella Cox

Donna Stahlhut MACEL
Holly O’Sullivan Williams
Helen Jamieson
Elizabeth Benson
Dale Morrow

Trevor Doyle
Stacie Hansel
Michael Newman
Dr Sandra Nissen

Christine Clarke
Jan Maresca
Martyn Savage
Dr Kerry Tuite
Patrea Walton


Pam Betts
Bruce Addison
Pat Coughlan
Neville McDonald
Andrew Pierpoint
Julie Raitelli

Lindy Abawi
Mark Campling
Catherine Day
Miles Ford
Kathryn Kayrooz
Gary O'Brien
Catherine O'Kane


Francine Barker
Pam Betts*
Michael Fay
Margaret Hendriks
David Robertson
Brett Webster

Ray Bloxham*
Joan Conway*
Mark Dawson
Lisa Ehrich*
Wade Haynes
Deborah Kember*
Corrine Mcmillan
Regan Neuman*
Geoff Newton*

Jennifer Krenske
Pamela Hall

Roslyn Curtis
Darryl Early
Margaret Ferguson
Karen Fox
Nathan Hutchings
Christopher Ivey
Graeme Mcdonald
Julie Quinn
Simon Riley
Donaugh Shirley
Judy Smeed
Brian Streatfield
Debra Ward
Murray Wegner

Jan Alen
Brian Grey*
Leesa Jeffcoat
Bob Lingard*
John Ryan*
Brett Shackleton*
Karen Spiller*
Glenn Finger

Alan Campbell
Peter Chapman
Stephen Loggie
Dennis Mulherin*
Lee-Anne Perry*
Jason Sharland
Sally-Anne Stephenson


Jennifer Fisher
Helen Starr*
Rob McAlpine
Michael Byrne
John Clark
Stuart Maish
Julie Grantham

Suzanne Bain
Bronwyn Braithwaite
Steven Case
Liz Jarvis
John Lockhart
Allan Todd

Norman Hunter*
Kerri Jones
Leanne Nixon

Dorothy Andrews*
Lyn Bishop
Simon Boss-Walker*
Robert Rasmussen*
Ian Ferguson

Lee Callum*
Daryl Hanly*
Tom Robertson

Neil Cranston*
Carolyn Hauff
Ian McKay*

Debbie Best
Steven Brown*
Anthony Chittenden

Ken Avenell*
Murray Evans
Ross Zellow
Clarence Burke*
Cecil Munns

Raymond Barrett


Isabelle Limerick*
Angus Lucas*
Lester Mason
Diane Nailon

Narottam Bhindi
June Fox

Ian Brooks
Anthony Constance

Ian Golding
Keith Money*
Michael Myerson
Colin Sutcliffe*

David Ballin
Geoffrey Greene
David Manttan*
Russell Welch

Murray Bladwell
Gordon Crosswell
Brendan Mcmanus
Anthony Watt*

Frank Crowther*
Ronald Daniels
Douglas Olgivie*
Larry Smith
Noel Stephenson

Ian Druery
Jasper Glover
Justin Hughes
Graham Pollitt
Laurence Topping

Jenny Haddrell
Ronald Holmes
Mary Mcdonald
John Shelley
Robin Sullivan*

John Cooney
Neil Flanagan
Peter Freney
Neville Fry*
Helen Lucas


Colin Crain
Joan Farnham
Jack Guy
Carolyn Harrod*
Robert Haslam
Joseph Mccorley*

Merline Muldoon*

Evelyn Jansen*
Laurence Miller*

William Hurd*
Norman Hughes*
John Roulston*

Charles Cullen*
Jarvis Finger*
Maxwell Howell
Keith Tronc*

Year TBC
Robyn Bell*
Paul Bland
Paul Campbell
Robyn Collins
Mark Creedon*
Neil Dempster*
Kenneth Gilbert*
Rudy Goosem
Roger Hunter
David Hutton
Sue Kloeden
Ray Kruger
Stephanie Munday-Lake*
Ken Rogers
Jason Sharland
Richard Smith
Sally Stephens
Jenni Walsh
Maryanne Walsh
David Warner*

ACELQ Fellowships (Honorary)

An ACELQ Fellowship (Honorary) may be conferred on persons who are not ACEL members, but who are acknowledged as outstanding leaders in the practice and/or theory of educational leadership. The criteria are similar to an ACELQ Fellowship with the nominee being expected to have made a significant contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

2017  Chris Rider
2016  Roselynne Anderson
2015  Robin Cox, Andrew Hawke, Claire Wyatt-Smith
2014  Elizabeth Devonshire, Christine Hills, Kenneth Maclean
2013  Richard Gill, Erica McWilliam, Robyn Philpott, Paul Williamson
2012  Ray Bloxham, Glen Hoppner, Karen Howes, Jean Madden, Donna Muir, Julie Raitelli
2011  Ross MacKay, Adele Rice, Chris Sarra
2010  Stephen Foster, Neville Fynes-Clinton, Robert Gilbert
1993  Francis Young
1990  Archibald Guymer
1988  Clyde Gilmore
1985  McRae Grassie
1981  Bernard O'Shea
1980  Daniel Griffiths
1979  George Bassett*
Year TBC  Maurice Harnell