Welcome to the QLD Branch of ACEL.

The strength of ACEL, this distinctive professional association for educational leaders, rests upon its membership base, and with that, the capacity to tap into the collective wisdom and experience of educators at different phases in the leadership journey, from across all sectors, levels and roles in education, and from across Australia and the world.

Here in Queensland we have the added advantage of learning from the experience of leaders representing such a rich diversity of regions and contexts.

We hope that through your experience with ACEL, you can sense the power of learning together, the wide reach of this organisation and the shared celebration of the teaching profession.

Since 2017 the Queensland Branch has been elevating the importance of the teaching profession to teachers and to the wider community through the Statement of Commitment to the Profession of Teaching. As a Branch Executive, we endeavour to use the inspiring words of this statement to guide our plans, provide focus for our dialogue and conversations, and remind us of our purpose.

Through its emphasis on professional learning, research and publications, educational advocacy and recognition of professional excellence, ACEL serves to support educational leaders and be the voice of educational leaders. We encourage you to join with us as members of ACEL, communicate your ideas and thoughts with us, and become involved in ACEL at national, state and regional level. We have much to learn from each other and to teach each other. We welcome diverse voices with different experiences from across all levels of educational leadership and from across all of Queensland. Welcome.

Karen Fox
ACEL QLD Branch President