ACEL NSW Awards: History

The Dr Paul Brock Memorial Medal
This medal is awarded annually to a prominent educational leader who has significantly impacted educational direction and achievement. The recipient will also have demonstrated the values of social justice in making a substantial contribution to evidence informed policy, practice and research. The NSW ACEL Dr Paul Brock Memorial Medal has been established in honour of the extraordinary educational leadership of Paul as a much loved, highly respected and passionate fellow of ACEL NSW.

2021  Professor Pasi Sahlberg, Professor Emeritus Patrick Duignan
2020  Professor Deb Hayes
2019  Ann McIntyre
2018  Jenny Gore
2017  Bernie Shepherd
2016  Ken Boston

Patrick Duignan Award for Leadership
This award is given to an outstanding ACEL member who is a NSW or National Fellow of ACEL, actively promotes and contributes to ACEL initiatives and activities at local, state and/or national level and has made a significant, sustained contribution as an exceptional educational leader across one or more areas or organisations.

2020  Vicki Treble
2019  Dr Norman McCulla
2018  Brian Ralph
2017  Christine Cawsey
2016  Chris Bonnor
2015  Liliana Mularczyk
2014  Michael Bezzina
2013  Ann McIntyre
2012  Paul Brock
2011  Chris Presland

ACEL NSW Fellowships are awarded to members of ACEL who have demonstrated outstanding educational leadership and made a significant impact and contribution over an extended period of time to educational leadership and educational outcomes within their workplace and beyond, e.g. at a local, regional, system, state and/or national level.
* Also holds a National Fellowship

Kate English
Michael Krawec
Dean White

Jenny Allen
Murat Dizdar
Kylie Lipscombe
Brenda Quayle
Briony Scott


Tony Bracken
Belinda Wall

Vicki Treble*

Ruythe Dufty
Anne-Marie Furney
Greg Prior
Brad Russell*
Margaret Varady

Joanne Jarvis*
Norman McCulla*
Norma Petrocco

Cameron Paterson

Brian Powyer

Kathryn Brennan*
Scott Eacott
Dianne Hennessy
Jake Madden

Ted Noon

Judy-Ann Abdini
Chris Bonnor*
Rose-Marie Hoekstra
Beverley Johnson
Barry Pecar
Paul Thornton
Jim White

Ted Boyce
Gail Dyer
Russell Hawkins
Philip Lambert
Gillian Shadwick

Greg Dickinson
Westley Field
Liliana Mularczyk*
Peter Pickett
Brian Ralph*
Gordon Stanley
Noel West


Graeham Kennedy
Pamela Matter
James McAlpine
Alan Rice
Judyth Sachs

Helen Cannon
Christine Cawsey*
Kate Clancy
Paul McCann
Ann McIntyre*
Chris Presland*
Michael Windred

Sue Gazis
David Gee
David Horne
Wendy Wearne

Michael Bezzina
John McMillan
Brendan Nolan
Tony Vinson

Neil Adamson
Tom Croker
Darelle Duncan
Kay Harman
Laurie Murphy
Christine Richmond

Chris Brooker
David Cullen
Deirdre Duncan
Rodney Gerber
Timothy Hawkes*
Michael Hogan
Terri-anna Kamasz
Dan Riley

Anne Benjamin*
Ann Campbell
Robert Chandler*
Wayne Chandler
Kennece Coombe
Peter Ireland
Robert Lewis
Glyn Leyshon
Carole McDiarmid
Robyn McKerihan
Ray Mead
Naish Storman


David Hammer
Howard Leader
Will Mead
Kristine Needham
John Noble
John Retallick*
Sam Squires
Grahame Wagener
Sandra Watson

Paul Brown
David Gammage
Warren Grimshaw
Ron Ikin*
Sam Weller

Dorothy Hoddinott
Steve Lyons
Jeanne Raper
George Windsor
Susanne Yates

Warren Brown*
Bob Connors
Janelle Eldridge*
Kath Mavromatis
Adele Mazoudier
Edwina McDougall
David Muscio

Ann Clark
Linda Lee
Jennifer Lewis*
Jennifer Sinclair

Terry Chapman
Louise Clayton-Jones*
Joe McNamara
Reg Pollock*


Robin Amm*
Neil Johnson
Robyn Magennis-Rowe
Bruce Robinson

Michael Hough
John Schiller*


Alan Briggs
Tony d’Arbon
Neville Fathers
Kay Gordon
Tony Tenney

Mary Armstrong
Ray Cleary
Fenton Sharpe

Mel Bergin
Jan Biber
Robyn Gregory
Neil Hunt
Barry Jenkins
Warren Marks*
John Peace
Robert Winder
Ian Vacchini

Johanna Conway
Tom Grunsell
Tom Halliburton
Ian Paterson

Doug Swan

ACEL Honorary Fellowships
Honorary Fellowships are awarded to non-members of ACEL who are widely acknowledged as highly esteemed leaders who have made a significant impact and contribution over an extended period of time to educational leadership and/or educational outcomes at a state, national or international level.

2017  Adrian Piccoli
2015  Elizabeth Ann Macgregor
2013  Sylvia Corish*
2012  Jane Donovan
2011  Randall Albury
2010  Ric Stevens

Leadership Awards
ACEL NSW Leadership Awards are given each year to individual educators or teams of educators who have demonstrated excellent performance in leading an educational organisation or initiative which has accomplished significant growth in outcomes for children, students and/or teachers, or major cultural change within that organisation or the profession at large.

Leadership Team - Yates Avenue Public School (Jacinta Richards,
Shani Gale, Stacey Talbot, Elizabeth Salvagio,
Sarah Leivesley, David MacSporran)
Jacki Staudinger
Bradley Swibel
Philip Pratt
Sue McIntyre
Terry Martin
NSW Department of Education - School Leadership Institute
The Jarara Indigenous Education Unit – Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (Julie Waddell, Joshua Sly, Ted Langford)
Prue Horan

Ian Bowsher
Canley Heights Public School Curiosity & Powerful Learning Team
Damien Carlton
Larissa Maraga
Lucy McLure
Melinda Mestre
St Agnes Catholic High School Year 7 Literacy Team
John Ralph
Tania Riley
Amy Sackville
Susan Tickle
Jake Tonkin

Albury North Public School
Craig Brown
Laura Chrupalo
Entrepreneurial Learning Team - Rooty Hill High School
Jenny Kemp
Leadership Team - Bathurst Public School
Tina Lee
Dr Alexandra Mandel
Tracey Miller
Cassy Norris
Dr Paul Owens
Megan Parsons
Darryl Ward
Kim Whitehead
Anne Webb


Catherine Anderson
Sylvana Beslic
Tosca Galluzzo
Cindy Gardiner
Constance Mattimore
John Meng
Iris Nastasi
Julie Organ
Rebekah Poole
Diana Repole
John Riordan
Stephen Smith
Unity Taylor-Hill
Buninyong Public School Teaching Team
Loyola Senior High School Literacy Team
NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
Rooty Hill High School Wellbeing Team

Susan Bottomley
Jacinta Bown
Lisa Edwards
Catherine Larkman
Donna Loughran
Jackie Saisithidej
Robyn Scott
Jennifer Scuglia
Belinda Wall
Campbelltown Performing Arts High School Executive Team
Rooty Hill High School Professional Practice Mentor Team


Tony Bracken
Margaret Charlton
Amy Cotton
Kirstine Gonano
Judith Smith
Louisa Wellings
Turramurra North Public School Leadership Team


Kim Chapman
Melissa Carson
Matthew Esterman
Kathy Freeman
Maree Gentili
Brian Hickey
Phil Hogg
Andrew Rankin
Graeme Ross
Marion Shields
Sally Smithard
Adam Taylor
Stacey Quince
Dean White
Social Ventures Australia Powerhouse Schools

Helen Elliott
Margaret Heslin
John Kyle-Robinson
Stefanie Lia
Karen Maraga
Mario Radisic
Blue Mountains Ukulele Group
Rooty Hill High School Reading Program

John Charles
Ruythe Dufty
Janet Freeman
Teena Haslehurst
Catherine Joynes
Kylie Landrigan
Peter Langfield
Alice Leung
Dubravka Vukic-Presland
Michelle Rushton
Noelene Veness
Patricia Williams


Jennifer Dane
Belinda Giudice
Suzanne Lazenby
Warren Marks
Amika Prasad
St Clair High School Student Commission Team
St John Bosco Primary School PALM Team

Sybil Dickens
Jan van Doorn
Mary L’Estrange
Merv McCormack
Christine McRae
John Meng
Andrew Newman
Kerrie Poole
Bernie Roebuck
Sally Smithard

Maree Herret
Tracy Herron

Mary Armstrong Awards for Early Career Educational Leadership
These awards are given each year to educators in the first five years of their professional career who have demonstrated excellent educational leadership and commitment linked to one or more initiatives within and/or beyond their organisation, consequently making a significant difference to child or student learning, teacher professional practice or organisational effectiveness.

2021  Haneul Lee, Olivia Phillips
2020  Lucy Birts, Olivia Havelka, Glen Lawless, Jaylee Love
2019  Dominic Benedet, Stephanie Church, Nellie Harb, Samuel Korsch, Katherine Molloy, Kathleen Quinn
2018  Ben Gerard, Brianna Wilson, Tara Georgiadis, Ellie Moroney
2017  Rebecca Hooper, Kyle Little, Lachlan McLean, Clare Melville, Rebecca Thomson
2016  Amanda Mansour, Tim Stuckey, Stephanie Vrandich
2015  Stefanie Lia
2014  Yasodai Selvakumaran
2013  Karla Olmos
2012  Alice Leung
2011  Nicole Hunt

Award for Educational Research
This award is given to educational researchers who have displayed excellent academic achievement in their studies or produced excellent research leading to significant improvement in child or student outcomes, teacher professional practice or organisational effectiveness.

2021  Associate Professor Rachel Wilson, Associate Professor Scott Eacott
2017  Ann McIntyre
2016  Frank Malloy

Media Award
This award is presented to a journalist who has made an excellent contribution to raising the level of public awareness and the quality of debate on significant local, state and/or national education issues.

2021  Cameron Malcher
2019  Dr Stan Grant
2015  Justine Ferrari
2014  Jane Caro
2013  Maralyn Parker
2012  Anna Patty