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Picture of the product10 Mindframes for Leaders
10 Mindframes for Leaders
The VISIBLE LEARNING(R) Approach to School Success

Author: John Hattie, Raymond L. Smith

It’s not what you do, it’s how you think about what you do.

Mindframes—your internal set of beliefs about your role as school leader—determine the high-impact leadership practices you choose to implement. In other words, how you think about the impact of the actions you take has more effect on student achievement than your leadership practices themselves.

Building on over twenty-five years of Visible Learning research and girded by a theory of action that ensures school leaders have the expertise to select, implement, and evaluate high impact interventions, 10 Mindframes for Leaders: The VISIBLE LEARNING® Approach to School Success brings the mindframes of ten world-renowned educators to life. Ten chapters, each written by a different thought leader, detail a mindframe at the heart of successful school leadership, along with the high probability influences that make each mindframe visible. A must-have resource for any educator working toward student achievement at ever-higher levels, each chapter includes:

* The most current, up-to-date findings from the Visible Learning research, including the factors from Visible Learning that support each mindframe
* Practical ideas for leaders to implement high-impact strategies in classrooms and schools
* Vignettes, questions, insights, and exercises to help educators clarify and refine their own mindframes

Lead your school to reform from the inside out. Cultivate these ways of thinking, and you’re more likely to have major impacts on the learning lives of those students entrusted to your care.

Includes contributions from… John Hattie, Raymond L. Smith, Janet Clinton, Peter DeWitt, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Dylan Wiliam, Dominique Smith, Jenni Donohoo, Laura Link, Michael Fullan, Sugata Mitra, Zaretta Hammond, and Jim Knight

Published: 22nd July 2020
ISBN: 9781071800133
Number Of Pages: 144

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Picture of the product10 Perspectives on Learning in Education
Title: 10 Perspectives on Learning in Education

Authors: Jimmy Casas, Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul

Featuring :
Jimmy Casas, Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul, Sanee Bell, Jessica Cabeen, Kayla Delzer, Garnet Hillman, Erin Klein, Derek McCoy, Brian Mendler

The best educators never stop learning about their students or their craft. In this second volume of the Routledge Great Educators Series, ten of education’s most inspiring thought-leaders come together to bring you their top suggestions for improving your students’ learning in the classroom and your own professional learning as an educator.

You’ll gain fresh insights on learning how to…
* Influence others and make a greater impact as a leader.
(Todd Whitaker)
* “Unlearn" traditional practices that no longer serve our students. (Jeffrey Zoul)
* Be vulnerable and willing to learn from and with colleagues.
(Jimmy Casas)
* Master your emotional intelligence to improve people skills.
(Sanee Bell)
* Shift the focus from grading to to standards-based learning.
(Garnet Hillman)
* Create student-centered learning environments with flexible seating. (Kayla Dornfeld)
* Balance the role of technology in your life and plug in more intentionally. (Jessica Cabeen)
* Focus on the non-negotiables for success with the hardest-to-reach kids. (Brian Mendler)
* Apply a cross-curricular, design-thinking approach to your curriculum. (Erin Klein)
* Connect with colleagues and students for true collaboration.
(Derek McCoy)

The book’s practical strategies and stories will inspire you on your journey to make a difference in students’ lives.

ISBN: 9780367335083
Published: 25 March 2020
Number Of Pages: 162
Routledge/Taylor & Francis

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Picture of the product10 Steps for Hiring Effective Teachers
Author: Mary C Clement
The quick-read, step-by-step guide to hiring outstanding teachers!

Whether you are new to hiring or searching for a fresh approach, this invaluable guide helps you select the best possible candidates.

Mary Clement, a nationally-awarded expert on teacher hiring, presents proven strategies for identifying high-performing teachers. Readers will learn

Ten best practices that address every stage of the hiring process
Techniques and sample questions for Behavior-Based Interviewing
Interview questions to avoid
How to involve teacher peers in interviewing and mentoring new hires
Identify and hire high-performing teachers, and see your students’ academic potential flourish!

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Picture of the product5-Gen Leadership
5-Gen Leadership
Leading 5 Generations in Schools in the 2020s

Author: Mark White

An unprecedented leadership challenge for school administrators

Today's leaders face the challenge of leading five generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and brand-new Generation Z teachers, along with Gen Alpha, today's youngest students. Based on research and the author's experience working with thousands of educators and students, 5-Gen Leadership addresses expectations implicit with leading each generation. Readers will find:

Tactics for transitioning to 5-Gen Leadership and understanding distinct generations in teaching staff
Tips for moving leadership styles from a managing to a coaching model
Advice for creating a welcoming environment for Gen Z and Gen Alpha
Suggestions for closing the digital gaps that emerged during COVID-19
A glimpse into the future to imagine how new leaders will reshape schools by 2030

Published: 11th October 2021
ISBN: 9781071837023
Number Of Pages: 192

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Picture of the product7 Strategies for Improving Your School
Title: 7 Strategies for Improving Your School

Author: Ronald Williamson, Barbara R. Blackburn

This book provides the busiest leaders with an accessible set of tools that can immediately be deployed to positively impact their school. Authors Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn explore the COMPASS model—Culture; Ownership and Shared Vision; Managing Data; Professional Development; Advocacy; Shared Accountability; and Structures to Sustain Success—as an overall framework for school improvement. Chapters include in-depth discussions of easy-to-implement, useful strategies for improvement and address the most common concerns facing today’s school leaders. Supplemented with templates, charts, and other adaptable tools for ongoing, practical use, 7 Strategies for Improving Your School is your key guide to school improvement.

ISBN: 9781138391482
Published: 15th August 2019
Number Of Pages: 192

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Picture of the productA Career Woman's Guide to Self-Leadership
Title: A Career Woman's Guide to Self-Leadership: How to find the confidence and clarity to see your mountaintop and conquer it

Author: Bianca Zenkel

A Career Woman's Guide to Self-Leadership is the quintessential guide to finding clarity, tapping into confidence, and creating the life you want.

Best of all, it comes from someone who has done it against all odds.

In a world that often offers no clear roadmap for personal or professional success, we find ourselves at critical crossroads. This is the place where we must become the leaders of our own lives, charting our course towards fulfilment, purpose and achievement. "A career's women's guide to self-Leadership" is your essential companion on this empowering journey, a guide specifically design to address the unique challenges and opportunities women encounter in their professional lives.

Bianca Zenkel has been on this journey. The answer came when life made her confront some fundamental questions.

What allows some women to succeed where others fail?
Could she be a good mother and wife and have a rewarding career, especially when people questioned her abilities?

Spoiler alert-they also told her she couldn't write a book.

If you're serious about using simple, actionable life lessons to create lasting change-this is the book for you.

ISBN: 9781761241000
Published on: 1 December 2023
Number of Pages: 110

Regular price: 25.00
Discounted member price: 20.00

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Picture of the productA Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership
A Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership

Sharon D. Krause, Julie A. Gray

A Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership takes on six core areas of school leadership—organizational vision; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; school and external community; school climate and culture; equity; and improvement, innovation, and reform. Using a case learning approach, this volume introduces salient theoretical and empirical literature in each core area and provides illustrative cases designed for individual and group analysis. Written for aspiring educational leaders, this book facilitates the discussion and reflection of individual and collective professional judgment and helps developing leaders make sense of the challenges school leaders face today.

Special Features:

Featured Cases direct readers toward the issues of practice embedded within the theoretical content area
Linkage to relevant Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) standards ground each chapter in the latest guidelines for the field
Discussion Questions foster reflection of content and practical applications
Leadership Activities and Web-Based Resources support leaders in making further connections to practice

Published: 9th July 2018
ISBN: 9781138091078
Number Of Pages: 218

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Picture of the productA Leader’s Guide to Reading and Writing in a PLC at Work
A Leader’s Guide to Reading and Writing in a PLC at Work®, Elementary
Every Teacher is a Literacy Teacher Series

Edited by: Mark Onuscheck, Jeanne Spiller
By: Kathy Tuchman Glass, Karen Power

With A leader’s guide to reading and writing in a PLC at Work®, Elementary, district and school leaders gain valuable insights about equipping collaborative teams to take urgent action to establish and build students’ foundational literacy skills and increase literacy rates. As part of the Every teacher is a literacy teacher series, authors Kathy Tuchman Glass and Karen Power and editors Mark Onuscheck and Jeanne Spiller show how to bring a new level of focus to teacher teams and the professional learning community (PLC) at Work process. They provide primary leaders with detailed leadership-specific guidance, actions and tools to do the important daily work of ensuring all students can successfully read and write at beyond grade level.

Readers will:

understand the importance of literacy-focused instruction in an primary setting
gain specific suggestions for four levels of leaders – (1) district, (2) school, (3) coach and (4) teacher
use a six-step protocol for teams to identify, unwrap and prioritise learning standards
support team creation of assessments and rubrics to collect data about student learning for inquiry and analysis
facilitate equitable, high-quality literacy lessons that utilise the gradual release of responsibility instructional framework.

Published: 16th June 2022
ISBN: 9781760944391
Number Of Pages: 288

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Picture of the productA School Leaders Guide to Standards-Based Grading

Author: Margaret McInteer, Bev Clemens, Mitzi Hoback, Jan Hoegh, Robert Marzano, Phil Warrick, Tammy Heflebo

A School Leader’s Guide to Standards-Based Grading, by Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, and Phil Warrick, with Mitzi Hoback, Margaret McInteer, and Bev Clemens, offers a reliable framework for analysing student learning and providing students and stakeholders with effective feedback on student progress. This guide not only articulates significant research supporting standards-based grading as an accurate, precise, and effective way to report academic strengths and weaknesses but also shares applicable anecdotes from educators implementing its components. The authors detail specific procedures, processes, and systems necessary for implementation. Using this practical, research-based resource, principals, administrators, and teacher leaders will: • Distinguish between standards-based and standards-referenced grading • Understand the research and reasoning for standards-based grading and read other educators’ accounts of their experiences with standards-based grading • Explore the advantages and challenges of implementing standards-based grading • Examine their current grading practices and identify strategies to ensure grades accurately reflect students’ strengths and weaknesses • Improve student achievement through meaningful, measurable, and accurate reporting

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Picture of the productA Summing Up
A Summing Up :
Teaching and Learning in Effective Schools and PLCs at Work®

Robert Eaker

After a career spanning nearly half a century, Dr Robert Eaker – educator, researcher, consultant and architect of the Professional Learning Communities at Work® (PLC at Work) process – has gathered his insights and knowledge regarding the improvement of schools, teaching and student learning into his autobiographical work. In A Summing Up: Teaching and Learning in Effective Schools and PLCs at Work®, Dr Eaker tells the story of his career in education and, in the process, provides a guide full of real-world advice.

As Dr Eaker states, this book is his reflection on how to create the kinds of schools and classrooms for all kids that we would want for our own children. He reflects on the various stages of his education career, including turning research into practice, shifting focus from teaching to learning, studying the effects of teachers’ interpersonal behaviours and participating in the effective schools movement. He shares a personal history of the foundation of the PLC process and the development of the concepts and practices necessary for successful PLC implementation. Finally, he emphasises the importance of passion and persistence in leadership, describing through his experiences how these qualities make leaders great.

286 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020

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