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Picture of the product10 Things Schools Get Wrong
10 Things Schools Get Wrong (And How We Can Get Them Right)

Author: Jared Cooney Horvath and David Bott

What counterintuitive lessons can we learn from the meteoric rise of Mindset Theory in education? Why have computers so overwhelmingly failed to become the academic panacea many expected them to be? How can the simple act of assigning grades drive student narcissism and damage teacher professionalism?

In this book, brain and behavioural research is combined with respected philosophy in order to place ten widely accepted yet rarely examined aspects of education under the microscope.

* Teacher Expertise
* Evidence-Based Practice
* Grading
* Homework
* Mindset
* 21st Century Skills
* Computers
* Rewards
* Daily Organization
* Function

This book aims to inspire teachers, leaders, and parents to question many commonly held beliefs and empower them to re-think the role of modern schooling.

Published: 15th December 2020
ISBN: 9781913622350

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Picture of the productAll Together Now
All Together Now: How to Engage Your Stakeholders in Reimagining School

by Suzie Boss

This book prompts readers to make their own meaning by considering a series of questions. Abundant examples and case studies from the frontlines of school change provide inspiration and ideas you can adopt or adapt for your context. Discussion prompts are included to promote and provoke conversations - both inside and outside school - with everyone who has a stake in student success (including students themselves). Working together, through collaborative inquiry and hard conversations, you will arrive at your best answers for how schools should adapt for your context and your children.

This four-part framework, based on insights from those at the leading edge of change, will help readers navigate the journey ahead:

(1) The Why: To help a community reimagine school, effective leaders must first build common understanding about why change is necessary.
(2) The How: Moving from vision to reality requires practical considerations. For example, stakeholders with diverse backgrounds bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives to shape the future of education. To collaborate effectively, however, they need to speak the same language.
(3) The What-ifs: Only on paper do plans unfold without any push-back or detours. Leaders who maintain momentum and overcome resistance to “what ifs” and “yeah buts” share their troubleshooting strategies in this section, preparing readers to anticipate challenges and be more effective change managers.
(4) The Future Story: School leaders who are taking courageous steps to reinvent education understand the power of story. A superintendent who regularly tweets out examples of powerful student learning or a principal who blogs about school-business partnerships helps to build public understanding of 21st century learning. Keeping change efforts from backsliding requires ongoing communication, effective storytelling, and optimism about the future.

This book will walk readers through these four critical stages, helping communities mobilize around the shifts that students deserve. Compelling examples from schools on the leading edge of change will inspire readers to embark on the challenging work ahead. The book is intended to be a practical action guide, taking readers from talking about the future of learning to realizing their community’s vision.

Published: 1st June 2017
ISBN: 9781506350127

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Picture of the productAn Educator's Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral ...
An Educator's Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Inteventions and Supports: Integrating All Three Tiers

Author: Jason E Harlacher

By implementing schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS), K-12 educators can create an encouraging, productive school culture.

This title introduces readers to the comprehensive SWPBIS framework and explores the key elements of its three tiers of support. Learn about the authors' personal experiences in applying positive behavior support strategies and explore practical examples of what the elements and tiers of this model look like in practice.

Learn how to implement PBIS strategies in schools:

- Understand the structure of the SWPBIS framework and its four key elements.
- Read testimonials from principals and teachers whose schools have created positive school climates using a positive behavior support plan.
- Learn why decision making in an SWPBIS framework relies on data and how school teams can ensure they use their data accurately to target suitable solutions.
- Gain specific steps and a general timeline you can use to start implementing SWPBIS.
- Examine example scenarios and two thorough case examples of how elementary and secondary schools have adopted and maintained SWPBIS structures.

Published: 16th March 2018
ISBN: 9781760565756
Number Of Pages: 224

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Picture of the productAutism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools
Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools
1st Edition

Laura Dilly, Christine Hall

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools serves as a guide on how to assess children for autism spectrum disorders (ASD), specifically in school settings. Dilly and Hall offer a general overview of ASD, describe ASD assessment best practices, and explain the process of identifying ASD in schools. Current research and up-to-date science is incorporated in a practitioner-friendly manner, and short case vignettes will increase the accessibility of the book content and illustrate principles. As the rates of ASD reach 1/59 children, and school psychologists are increasingly expected to possess expertise in the assessment of ASD, this book serves as a must have for school psychologists, school social workers, and other practitioners.

Laura J. Dilly, PhD, NCSP, ABPP is a Training Program Manager at the Marcus Autism Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and an adjunct faculty member at the Emory School of Medicine. Prior to joining the Marcus Autism Center, Dr. Dilly worked in the public schools for a decade in roles including lead school psychologist and training coordinator. As both a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist, Dr. Dilly bridges the worlds of school-based and medically-based psychological services for children. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Psychological Association as the President Elect.

Christine M. Hall, PhD, is the former director of Clinical and Assessment and Diagnosis at the Marcus Autism Center. She currently maintains a private practice and works in the developmental neurology clinic at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience and expertise in early childhood and developmental disorders.

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Picture of the productBe That Teacher Who Makes A Difference
Be That Teacher Who Makes A Difference & Lead Aboriginal Education For All Students

Author: Kylie Captain, Cathie Burgess

Are you a teacher who wants to make a difference?

Are you passionate about ensuring Aboriginal education is taught authentically in Australian schools?

As Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators, Gamilaroi woman and educator Kylie Captain and Associate Professor Cathie Burgess share their knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the transformational power of education and the difference teachers play in each student's ability to achieve.

Cathie was that teacher for Kylie, and now, as educational leaders at varying stages of their careers, they reflect on their experience in the hope of inspiring all educators to never stop believing in their students.

As leaders in Aboriginal education and President and Vice President of the Aboriginal Studies Association, Kylie and Cathie share their expertise to equip educators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respectfully and authentically teach Aboriginal histories and cultures to all students.

Their individual and collective journey in Aboriginal education has put them in a unique position to influence others to lead and teach from a place of passion and purpose.

They inspire others to focus on their 'why' by sharing their challenging but always rewarding journey of personal and educational discovery.

As the world's longest living and surviving culture, they believe that all Australians can learn from and celebrate Aboriginal histories and cultures.

This book is a testament to the power of education and the difference a teacher can have in the trajectory of a student's life.

"No teacher will regret buying this book. Every teacher will gain from reading it"

Dr Paddy (Pat) Cavanagh

Poet, Historian and Honorary Life Member NSW AECG

"Read this important book and be empowered by its teachings. It serves as a guide for all those who seek to make a difference in the lives of young developing minds and souls"

Professor Bob Morgan

Respected Aboriginal Educator, Researcher and Social Justice Advocate

ISBN: 9781922828712
Published on: 6 November 2022
Number of Pages: 256

Regular price: 34.00
Discounted member price: 31.00

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Picture of the productBetter Conversations 2PK
Better Conversations 2PK
Better Conversations + The Reflection Guide to Better Conversations

Better Conversations :
9781506338835 Coaching Ourselves and Each Other to Be More Credible, Caring, and Connected

Author: Jim Knight

Because conversation is the lifeblood of any school
You don't want this book - you need this book. Why this confident claim? Think about how many times you've walked away from school conversations, sensing they could be more productive, but at a loss for how to improve them.

Enter instructional coaching expert Jim Knight, who in Better Conversations honors our capacity for improving our schools by improving our communication. Asserting that our schools are only as good as the conversations within them, Jim shows us how to adopt the habits essential to transforming the quality of our dialogues.

As coaches, as administrators, as teachers, it's time to thrive. Learn how to:

* Coach ourselves and each other to become better communicators
* Listen with empathy
* Find common ground
* Build Trust

Our students academic, social, and emotional growth depends upon our doing this hard work. It's time to roll up our sleeves, open our minds, and dare to change for the better of the students we serve.

The Reflection Guide to Better Conversations :
9781506307459 Coaching Ourselves and Each Other to Be More Credible, Caring, and Connected

Authors: Jim Knight, Jennifer Ryschon Knight, Clinton Carlson

Instructional coaches, administrators, teachers . . . really everyone: the royal we is you. In this Reflection Guide, Jim delivers a framework for improving professional dialogue that is so clearly signposted, you might as well call it a day planner.

Here's how The Reflection Guide to Better Conversations

1. In Part One, you and your peers engage in surveys, take stock, and record video in order to get real about your current beliefs and abilities. How do you measure up when it comes to empathy, asking better questions? Finding common ground?

2. In Part Two, learn about the 10 habits of being an effective communicator, and put them into practice. Are your conversations focused on others 50 percent of the time? What things typically distract you from being fully present?


Regular price: 85.00
Discounted member price: 80.00

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Picture of the productBlended Practices for Teaching Young Children in Inclusive S
Title: Blended Practices for Teaching Young Children in Inclusive Settings

Authors: Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Mary Louise Hemmeter, Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

As more and more early childhood settings implement inclusive practices, teachers need to blend special and general education techniques to help all children learn. They'll find out how with the new edition of this bestselling text, which combines today's best practices for teaching young children with and without disabilities into one comprehensive approach.

Ideal for current and future early childhood educators working with children from ages 2 to 5, this comprehensive text provides explicit guidance on developing a successful curriculum framework, working effectively with families and other team members, tailoring instruction to each child's individual needs, and embedding learning opportunities that address all children's goals. Teachers will learn from the field's most current research, and they'll get a full continuum of strategies for teaching young children with diverse abilities. Practical information on authentic assessment and data-driven decision-making is also woven throughout the book.

An essential reference to keep and use for years to come, this book is every early childhood educator's guide to blending the best of special and general education, developing effective curricula, and improving outcomes for all children.

* Increased focus on how to implement multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)
* New chapters on applying blended practices in specific content areas: language, literacy, social-emotional skills, and math
* The latest on state and federal funding initiatives for early childhood-and how to maintain quality practices that align with these initiatives
* More guidance on determining the scope and sequence of what to teach children
* Current recommendations from key professional organizations like NAEYC and DEC, and their implications for teachers

USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: Includes visual aids and sample forms, vignettes and practical examples that illustrate key concepts and guiding principles, helpful summaries for each chapter, case studies, and learning activities that challenge students to test and expand their knowledge.

ISBN: 9781598576689
Published on: 1 March 2017
Number of Pages: 388
Edition Number: 2
For Ages: 2-5 years old

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Picture of the productBolstering Student Resilience
Bolstering Student Resilience: Creating a Classroom with Consistency, Connection, and Compassion

Author: Jason E. Harlacher, Sara Whitcomb

Teachers face an overwhelming number of initiatives and approaches for addressing students’ social, emotional and behavioural needs. In Bolstering student resilience: Creating a classroom with consistency, connection, and compassion, Jason E Harlacher and Sara A Whitcomb clarify the major approaches and identify how to align them in the classroom. The authors discuss essential classroom features, from physical layout to instructional best practices, that support teaching prosocial skills and creating a welcoming learning environment. This book gives F–12 educators comprehensive, research-based strategies to build supportive classrooms that grow the resilience that already exists in students but needs some nurturing.

With this book, readers will:

create predictable, safe classrooms by establishing clear structures for routines, acknowledgment and discipline
allow flexibility and emotional space for students – particularly those with pronounced social, emotional or behavioural needs
study the supportive discipline framework for reteaching and strengthening critical skills
give feedback that supports consistency and builds connections
provide behavioural support that matches a behaviour’s function.

ISBN: 9781760946692
Publish Date: 20 September 2022

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Picture of the productBuilding Your Inclusive Classroom
Title: Building Your Inclusive Classroom: A Toolkit for Adaptive Teaching and Relational Practice

Author: Verity Lush

Building Your Inclusive Classroom explores why we need to adapt our teaching - and our approaches to children and young people - and how this will support the achievement of everyone in the classroom, including the teacher. It will help educators in mainstream settings, across all key stages, to adapt not only their resources but also their approaches for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and their peers.

This accessible resource provides a toolkit of ideas, methods, and motivation to enable teachers to make their classrooms fully inclusive. Chapters present the most effective evidence-based approaches - exploring both relational, restorative practice and traditional methods - to provide the foundations upon which to build inclusive classrooms. The book:

- Offers practical suggestions along with examples and case studies

- Includes reflective questions to encourage readers to consider their current settings

- Provides clear summaries and breakdowns of key guidelines and concepts

- Does the heavy lifting for you and presents evidence-based approaches in an engaging manner

- Incorporates the voices of staff and parents throughout

- Inspires the reader to take risks, enhance current practice, and to make meaningful change for children and young people.

Adaptive teaching has traversed beyond just the mini-whiteboard and the writing frame, and we need now, more than ever, to differentiate and adapt our approaches too, for children both with and without diagnosed SEND. This book will be essential reading for mainstream teachers, Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Co-ordinators (SENDCOs) and trainee teachers, across all key stages.

ISBN: 9781032559896
Number of Pages: 190
Published on: 21 December 2023
Routledge/Taylor & Francis

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Picture of the productCase Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education: 2ed
Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education: 2nd Edition

by Paul C. Gorski, Seema G. Pothini

Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education offers pre- and in-service educators an opportunity to analyze and reflect upon a variety of realistic case studies related to educational equity and social justice. The accessibly written cases allow educators to practice the process of considering a range of contextual factors, checking their own biases, and making immediate- and longer-term decisions about how to create and sustain equitable learning environments for all students. This revised edition adds ten new cases to offer greater coverage of elementary education, as well as topics such as body-shaming, Black Lives Matter, and transgender oppression. Existing cases have been updated to reflect new societal contexts, and streamlined for ease-of-use.

The book begins with a seven-point process for examining case studies. Largely lacking from existing case study collections, this framework guides readers through the process of identifying, examining, reflecting on, and taking concrete steps to resolve challenges related to diversity and equity in schools. The cases themselves present everyday examples of the ways in which racism, sexism, homophobia and heterosexism, class inequities, language bias, religious-based oppression, and other equity and diversity concerns affect students, teachers, families, and other members of our school communities. They involve classroom issues that are relevant to all grade levels and content areas, allowing significant flexibility in how and with whom they are used. Although organized topically, the intersections of these issues are stressed throughout the cases, reflecting the complexities of real-life scenarios. All cases conclude with a series of questions to guide discussion and a section of facilitator notes, called ‘Points for Consideration.’ This unique feature provides valuable insight for understanding the complexities of each case.

Edition Number: 2
Published: 2nd March 2018
ISBN: 9780815375005
Number Of Pages: 140

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