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Picture of the productAll Together Now: How to Engage Your Stakeholders
All Together Now: How to Engage Your Stakeholders in Reimagining School

by Suzie Boss

This book prompts readers to make their own meaning by considering a series of questions. Abundant examples and case studies from the frontlines of school change provide inspiration and ideas you can adopt or adapt for your context. Discussion prompts are included to promote and provoke conversations - both inside and outside school - with everyone who has a stake in student success (including students themselves). Working together, through collaborative inquiry and hard conversations, you will arrive at your best answers for how schools should adapt for your context and your children.

This four-part framework, based on insights from those at the leading edge of change, will help readers navigate the journey ahead:

(1) The Why: To help a community reimagine school, effective leaders must first build common understanding about why change is necessary.

(2) The How: Moving from vision to reality requires practical considerations. For example, stakeholders with diverse backgrounds bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives to shape the future of education. To collaborate effectively, however, they need to speak the same language.

(3) The What-ifs: Only on paper do plans unfold without any push-back or detours. Leaders who maintain momentum and overcome resistance to “what ifs” and “yeah buts” share their troubleshooting strategies in this section, preparing readers to anticipate challenges and be more effective change managers.

(4) The Future Story: School leaders who are taking courageous steps to reinvent education understand the power of story. A superintendent who regularly tweets out examples of powerful student learning or a principal who blogs about school-business partnerships helps to build public understanding of 21st century learning. Keeping change efforts from backsliding requires ongoing communication, effective storytelling, and optimism about the future.

This book will walk readers through these four critical stages, helping communities mobilize around the shifts that students deserve. Compelling examples from schools on the leading edge of change will inspire readers to embark on the challenging work ahead. The book is intended to be a practical action guide, taking readers from talking about the future of learning to realizing their community’s vision.

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Picture of the productAttention-Grabbing Tools for Involving Parents in their Chil
Attention-Grabbing Tools for Involving Parents in Their Children’s Learning

Author - Jane Baskwill

It is widely accepted that when home and school work together, children’s learning improves. Although this fact is readily acknowledged, communication between school and home is still often one-sided and remains a struggle for many teachers. This remarkable book is designed to help teachers find new ways to attract parents' attention and involve parents in their children's learning.

Attention-Grabbing Tools for Involving Parents in Their Children's Learning explores a wide range of tools. It strives to help teachers establish and maintain a parent-teacher relationship that holds the child at the centre of all education decisions. The book is full of specific ideas for nurturing the parent-teacher relationship.

Getting Started – from meet-the-teacher nights to gathering data and getting feedback
Newsletters – how to keep them fresh, interesting and interactive
Day-to-Day Routines – from the Friday Folder to pass-along books and dialogue journals
Learning Nights – programs that focus on projects, homework, science, maths and literacy
Face-to-Face Communication – from organising parent-teacher conferences to using learning portfolios
Take-Home Materials – a menu of suggestions for getting parents involved in their children's learning

Aimed at the busy teacher, the book offers easy-to-implement ideas for efficient communicating in the digital age, with suggestions for websites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter, online surveys and virtual pinboards, and much more.

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Picture of the productAuthentically Engaged Families: A Collaborative Care Framewo
Authentically Engaged Families: A Framework for Collaborative Care and Student Success

Author: Calvalyn Day

Create a plan to connect with every family!

There’s no doubt that family engagement makes a world of difference for teachers and students—but connecting with parents of various ethnic, socioeconomic, or cultural backgrounds can be challenging for educators. Calvalyn Day’s groundbreaking book offers clear instructions for building strong relationships, beginning effective dialogues, strategizing, and monitoring progress.

Through the author’s perspective as a parent, counselor, and advisor to families at risk, readers will discover

- A step-by-step approach to family engagement developed for K-12 educators, including teachers, counselors, administrators and others
- Complete how-to’s for creating and carrying out a family engagement plan based on the author’s Vision, Plan, Action model
- Tools including a Parent Meeting Agenda, a Parent Empathy Map, an Educator Needs Assessment, and more

Whether you work at a small rural school, in a large urban district, or anywhere in between, this invaluable book offers wisdom—and smart strategies—that will transform the experience for your students and their families, and lead to sustainable success.

Published: 27th May 2016
ISBN: 9781506327068
Number Of Pages: 160

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Picture of the productBlack Appetite White Food
Black Appetite. White Food.
Issues of Race, Voice, and Justice Within and Beyond the Classroom

Jamila Lyiscott

Black Appetite. White Food. invites educators to explore the nuanced manifestations of white privilege as it exists within and beyond the classroom. Renowned speaker and author Jamila Lyiscott provides ideas and tools that teachers, school leaders, and professors can use for awareness, inspiration, and action around racial injustice and inequity.

Part I of the book helps you ask the hard questions, such as whether your pedagogy is more aligned with colonialism than you realize and whether you are really giving students of color a voice. Part II offers a variety of helpful strategies for analysis and reflection. Each chapter includes personal stories, frank discussions of the barriers you may face, and practical ideas that will guide you as you work to confront privilege in your classroom, campus, and beyond.

90 Pages | Pbk

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Picture of the productEquity Partnerships
Equity Partnerships :
A Culturally Proficient Guide to Family, School, and Community Engagement

Angela R. Clark-Louque, Randall B. Lindsey, Reyes L. Quezada, Cynthia L. Jew

How often do you hear, The only parents who showed were the parents who didn't need to be here.

But how often do you consider time of day, lack of child care, cost of dinner, transportation, lan­guage of the presentation, even relevance of the topic & all real-world barriers for families of our historically underserved students.

Here at last is a resource that will open up access and reveal all-new ways to forge more culturally inclusive partnerships with families and communities; partnerships that extend well beyond parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings, and the occasional bake sale.

The two big services Equity Partnerships provides? Using the Tools of Cultural Proficiency, you'll :

1. Discover new concepts and strategies to engage families and communities and reduce, if not eliminate, barriers--through four essential principles: communication, connection, collaboration, and community

2. Engage in frequent opportunities to reflect on your own assumptions and values, then collaborate with colleagues to co-create systemic practices and policies for devising, implementing, and assessing family and community engagement actions in your schools and districts

We know inherently that family and community engagement is critical to the success of our stu­dents. Let Equity Partnerships be your go-to tool for breaking down the walls that for too long have limited all of us.

176 Pages | Pbk | Published January 2020

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Picture of the productHome, School, and Community Collaboration
Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement 3rd Edition

by Kathy Grant & Julie Ray

Filled with practical suggestions and reflective opportunities, Home, School, and Community Collaboration, Third Edition uses the culturally responsive family support model as a framework to prepare teachers to work with diverse families.

This text includes contributions from 22 experts in the field, offering a wide range of perspectives on issues of family involvement that today’s teachers are likely to encounter.

Authors Kathy B. Grant and Julie A. Ray offer the latest research on family demographics, including those with children who have special needs. Numerous real-life vignettes and case studies have been incorporated throughout the text to show readers the practical application of culturally responsive family engagement.

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Picture of the productLeading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships
Leading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships: A Whole-School Community Approach, Revised Edition

by Robert Csoti, George Otero & David Rothstadt

Educators often wonder if their schools are really helping our youth to become better human beings, and we constantly struggle to understand how to do the right thing as teachers and leaders, and make a difference, for our students.

This second edition of Leading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships: A Whole-School Approach introduces an updated framework for focusing all school activity on the community factors – both human and non-human – that deliver the best learning outcomes for your students, ensuring their success.

The authors have always known that high levels of parent involvement lead to better student achievement, that strong in-depth relationships with students are critical to their success, that curriculum needs to be personalised and engaging, and that community partnerships and support have a positive effect on school success. The framework introduced in Leading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships presents an integrated map of how to develop teaching and learning relationships that bring these four educational principles to the forefront of all school activity.

Teachers, school leaders and administrators can use this handbook as a guide to creating opportunities for teaching and learning that mobilise every stakeholder within the school and community. This framework has produced proven results, and will teach educators everywhere to lead by moral imperative, rather than personal preferences.

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Picture of the productPartners for Special Needs
Partners for Special Needs: How Teachers Can Effectively Collaborate with Parents and Other Advocates

by Douglas J. Fiore, Julie Anne Fiore

Learn how to collaborate with parents and special education advocates to ensure student success. This practical book shows you how to navigate the tricky path to meeting special education goals and outcomes. It also provides strategies to help you communicate and partner more effectively with families and specialists.

Part I of the book offers key information on how special education has evolved over recent decades and what the Individualized Education Plan process entails. Part II features techniques for strengthening communication so you can avoid conflict and create as strong a partnership as possible. You’ll learn the specific roles of advocates and parents, and you’ll gain practical strategies for communicating proactively and managing communication breakdowns. You’ll also uncover how to overcome the challenges of working with people during difficult times.

The book is filled with tips, examples, and reflection questions to help you implement the ideas immediately. With the essential strategies in this book, you can become the best support system for the child or children you serve!

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Picture of the productThe Global Education Guidebook: Humanizing K-12 Classrooms W
Global Education Guidebook: Humanizing K-12 Classrooms Worldwide Through Equitable Partnerships (How to Promote Multicultural Education and Nurture Global Citizens)

by Jennifer D. Klein

Educators worldwide are striving to connect their students to classrooms and experts in ways that humanize the world, while preparing students to thrive in the 21st century. This practical guide takes readers through the steps and strategies needed to set up an equitable and global learning alliance that benefits all learners, founded in the tenets of global citizenship and cultural competence.

Readers also have access to reproducible worksheets and assessments for setting up and evaluating their cooperative learning partnerships. This book is perfect for specialists, after-school program leaders, camp counselors, and anyone seeking to foster global citizenship and encourage collaborative action in young people.

How this guide to global education will help you:

Explore examples of elementary, middle, and high school partnerships that target the critical thinking and 21st century skills students need for life in a complex world.
Gain wisdom from global education leaders and practitioners who have firsthand experience building successful and transformative global education partnerships for students.
Consider educational technology, communication platforms, organizations, and strategies for finding and fostering a long-term global partnership for education.
Understand the equity pitfalls of global partnerships and explore cross-cultural management strategies for building equitable relationships with other communities in the world.
Learn about assessing intercultural competence and partnership programs, as well as ways to expand global learning opportunities across your community.


Chapter 1: Building Global Competencies Via Global Partnerships
Chapter 2: Preparing for Global Collaboration: Considerations Before the Search
Chapter 3: Getting a Feel for What's Possible
Chapter 4: Finding Existing Partnership Programs That Work
Chapter 5: Finding a Global Partner on Your Own
Chapter 6: Strategizing for Successful Communication
Chapter 7: Avoiding Equity Pitfalls
Chapter 8: Exploring Social Justice Challenges Through Partnerships
Chapter 9: Assessing Global Competencies and Partnerships
Chapter 10: Building a Culture of Global Engagement Across the Community
References and Resources

Code: SOT5510

ISBN: 9781760565510

No of Pages: 230

Publish Date: 16 March 2018

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Picture of the productThe School Board Member's Guidebook
The School Board Member's Guidebook : Becoming a Difference Maker for Your District

Ryan Donlan, Todd Whitaker

Every student deserves a high-impact, well-qualified, and governance-driven school board. In this helpful book, best-selling authors Ryan Donlan and Todd Whitaker show you as a school board member how to make smart, worthwhile decisions that will lead to positive change in your district. The School Board Member’s Guidebook addresses the challenges of making realistic choices that will truly benefit the school and have a lasting impact. Topics include:

How to work and communicate effectively with the superintendent during the year :

How to find common ground with colleagues;
How to represent the interests and needs of the community at large;
How to keep your constituencies focused and informed through strategic planning and structured committee participation;
How to host constructive and cordial school board meetings;
How to capitalize on individual talents and strengths;
And more!

Each chapter offers strategies, tips, and sample scenarios. With these resources and the practical advice throughout the book, you’ll be able to make a lasting difference in the lives of every student in your district. You’ll be a Difference Maker.

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