Previous ACEL Awards

RC Kelly Award (1990-2001)

The RC Kelly Award was inaugurated in 1990 to be presented to the outstanding ACEL affiliate of the preceding calendar year. The award was donated by a former President of ACEA, Robin Gregory, in memory of her father who was an educator. The last award was made in 2001.

2001 NTCEA and QIEA (Joint Award) (Final year of presentation)
2000 ACEA (Tasmania)
1999 ACEA (New South Wales)
1998 ACEA (New South Wales)
1996 ACEA (Canberra Region)
1995 ACEA (Victoria)
1994 ACEA (New South Wales)
1993 ACEA (Canberra Region)/td>
1992 QIEA
1991 NTCEA
1990 QIEA