Leadership Awards are presented each year to individual educators and teams of educators who have demonstrated excellent educational leadership in developing and implementing a significant educational initiative, conducting research or influencing educational policy, leading to improved outcomes for students and/or colleagues at a national and/or international level.

Dr Suraiya Abdul Hameed QLD

Ashley Coats SA

Jacinda Euler Welsh QLD

Sinan Kerimofski WA

Paddy McEvoy SA

VSSEC EducationTeam VIC
Deonne Smith SA

Rowena Fox SA

Professor Janet Clinton VIC

Joel Hohn NT

Danielle Cronin NSW

Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies OAM QLD

Townsville Catholic Education - Tammi Webber, Krista O'Connor and Janelle Knack QLD
Neil McGoran SA

Christopher Smyth NSW

Angela Falkenberg SA

Kerry White SA

Michael Newman QLD
Sharon Collins QLD

Peter Mader SA

Dr Marnee Shay QLD
Ailsa Purdon NT

Andrew Pierpoint QLD

Helen Chatto NT

Martin Lippett SA

Phillip Moulds QLD
2018 Dr Lewis O’Brien SA

Foundation for Young Australians
2017 Indigenous Pedagogical Leaders
  Mitchell Institute, Victorian Association of Secondary School Principals and NSW Secondary Principals Council

The Smith Family

Agnes McGrath, Audrey Billias, Susan Edwards & Regina Thompson

Rosanne Pugh

Darren Roylett

Carl Salt

Mathew Alan White
2016 Marilyn Clark SA

David Edwards
  Panayoula Parha SA