This award is given annually to an early career teacher who has demonstrated outstanding practice in the classroom and as a result has made a significant difference to colleagues and the lives of students in their care. The awardee is not required to be an ACEL member but must have made a significant contribution to the improvement of student and educational outcomes. In 2013, this award was renamed the ‘Keith Tronc Award for Outstanding Teacher Leadership’ in recognition of Dr Tronc’s exemplary ongoing commitment and service to ACEL.

2023 Grace Chaplin VIC
2022 Emily Sinclair NSW
2020 Martyn Anderson SA
2019 Mia Pinnington QLD
2018 Andrew Devoy QLD
  Ryan Gill NSW
2017 Shaelee Dunbar NSW
  Rachael Lehr WA
2016 Laura Searle SA
2015 Andrea Stringer  
2014 Alice Dunlop SA
2013 Jenni Holder ACT
2012 Bronwen Bowman TAS
2011 Maria Maffei SA
  Helen Vaughan TAS
2010 Dorrie Chamberlain ACT
  Cheryl Davis TAS
  Sarah Long QLD
2009 Christine O'Hare ACT
  Matthew Arie Westland TAS
2008 Sue Le Messurier TAS
  Heidi Rohrig SA
2007 Gary Simpson VIC