This award is presented annually for an outstanding piece of educational writing (which may take various forms) that has provided new and significant knowledge about educational leadership.

This award was introduced in 2002 as the ACEL Award for Educational Writing. Following its award to Hedley Beare, he graciously consented to the naming of the award in his honour.

2023 Dr Deborah Netolicky SA
2022 Peter Hutton
2021 Pasi Sahlberg NSW
2019 Amanda Heffernan VIC
2018 Professor Lester- Irabinna Rigney SA
2017 Dr Ken Avenell
2016 Emeritus Professor Anthony Shaddock ACT
2015 Dr Scott Eacott NSW
2014 Neil Cranston TAS
2013 Neil Dempster QLD
2012 Paul Brock NSW
2011 Frank Crowther QLD
2010 John Hattie NZ
2009 Christine Cawsey NSW
2008 Patrick Augustine Duignan NSW
2007 Viviane Robinson NZ
2006 Keith Tronc QLD
2005 Jarvis Finger QLD
2004 Robert John Marzano USA
2003 Peter Ribbins UK
  Jun Hau Zhang PRC
2002 Hedley Beare VIC