In 2023 ACEL celebrates its impressive 38th year since the original inception where the first Gold Medal were originally awarded to Victoria’s Robert Fordham and Western Australia’s Edwin Harold. Since their inception, the ACEL national awards have grown in stature with educators being recognised for their contributions across several categories.. We also recognise media organisations/journalists/programs that contribute significantly to raising the profile of the education sector and make valuable contributions to the national conversation via “The ACEL National Media Award’.

Our National Awards honours educational leaders who have dedicated themselves to the improvement of student and educational outcomes.

View our ACEL national awards winners for 2023 below.

ACEL Gold Medal
Most Outstanding Contribution to the study and practice of educational administration and leadership.

Professor Sandra Milligan

ACEL Presidential Citation
This award was presented annually to an ACEL member who had, because of particular endeavours, made an outstanding contribution in furthering the Objects of the Council.

Professor John Hattie

ACEL Keith Tronc Award for Outstanding Teacher Leadership
This award is given annually to teachers who have demonstrated outstanding practice in the classroom and as a result have made a difference to colleagues and the lives of students in their care.

Grace Chaplin

ACEL Hedley Beare Award for Educational Writing
This award aims to promote quality writing by educators about educational leadership.

Dr Deborah Netolicky

ACEL Nganakarrawa Award
This award is presented annually to those whose general excellence in educational administration and whose learning, experience and contribution to the Council have earned lasting respect and gratitude.

Dr Toni Meath

ACEL National Media & Journalism Award
For their ongoing contribution and commitment to reporting in the arena of educational issues and their commitment to recognising and encouraging student and teacher voice on the critical issues affecting our schools across Australia.

Annabel Astbury

ACEL Fellowships
Outstanding contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

Debbie Dunwoody
Angela Falkenberg
Stephen Gniel
Lisa Rodgers

ACEL Leadership Award
Excellent educational leadership in developing and implementing a significant educational initiative, conducting research or influencing educational policy.

Ashley Coats
Jacinda Euler Welsh
Dr Suraiya Abdul Hameed
Sinan Kerimofski
Paddy McEvoy
VSSEC EducationTeam