with Lyn Sharratt


The Australian Council for Educational Leaders are very proud to present Lyn Sharratt as she presents her three-part webinar series “CLARITY: What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching, and Leading”.

Bringing ‘CLARITY’ to the elements that sharpen precision-in-practice ensures knowing ‘where to next’. How to gain ‘CLARITY’ is based on a set of interrelated concepts deployed within an evidence-proven framework and implemented consistently and reflectively across systems, schools and classrooms.

This Webinar Series, in three parts: 1. Learning; 2. Teaching; and, 3. Leading, is built on solid research. There are no silver bullets or commercial programs that lead to continuous student improvement. While individual inferences can be made by interpreting many sources of data or evidence, the real power of data resides in the ‘aha’ outcomes of collaborative conversations from ‘roll-up-your sleeves’ work with ALL stakeholders.

These Webinars of fast-paced learning, for which Sharratt is well-known, will include experiential learning for all participants and provide opportunities for self-reflection. You will leave each session with a straight-forward path to CLARITY in your next steps – whatever your role in the school system may be – and ‘homework’ to apply what you just learned.

Lyn Sharratt presenting at the ACEL 2018 National Conference


As leaders and teachers, you will learn ‘HOW TO’ approaches to ensure student growth and increased achievement at every level.


Lyn will be successful in this three-part Webinar if participants can:

follow and explain the clear path forward to increasing students’ growth and achievement;

reflect on their own work, progress and embrace precision-in-practice;

self-assess their leadership attributes to do this improvement work, and

leave with practical, high-impact approaches that will 'up-shift ‘staff, parent, and student perceptions about the value and power of data-informed decision-making and inquiry-based learning.

In these Webinars, you will examine What Matters Most in Learning, Teaching, and Leading including:

  • The 14 Parameter Framework
  • Data Walls and Case Management Meetings
  • The Assessment Waterfall Assessment Chart
  • Identifying ‘The Third Teacher’
  • Using Accountable Talk and other high-impact instructional approaches
  • Being consciously-skilled as a ‘Knowledgeable Other’
  • Interrogating ‘The Leadership Self-Assessment Tool’
  • Examining the ‘Learning Walks and Talks’ protocol
  • Asking the 5 Questions of students, teachers, leaders and parents
  • Hosting a Learning Fair to celebrate big and small wins!


Lyn maps the course for achieving student success based on her own research evidence and lived leadership experiences in the highest performing school district in Ontario, Canada (PISA ranks Canada among the top 5 countries in the world – Ontario accounts for much of that ranking). Her research is accumulated from working with educational practitioners spanning seven countries: Canada, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She will share provocative commentary from leading practitioners including many Australians via Case Studies, Vignettes, videos and quotes about What Matters Most in ensuring CLARITY to achieve the best possible outcome for every student, teacher and leader!

In her writing and consulting, Lyn includes identifying and leading impactful, practical leadership strategies as well as assessment and instructional practices leaders must master and reflect on while working alongside teachers. Lyn transfers the best of her global experiences into schools and systems here in Australia. They are doing it - successfully. You might be surprised at how practical it is! Let Lyn’s “CLARITY” ‘lift the fog of confusion’ resulting from the incoherent messages from dozens of competing and seemingly unrelated notions about improvement in education.

Throughout CLARITY, Lyn Sharratt puts FACES to the message of precision, from students sharing in the construction of Success Criteria, collaborative planning before teaching, assessment and instruction waterfall charts, to walking with Lyn as she works in schools throughout the world…This book is judicious, clear, succinct, the language plain, the incidents linked. Yes, everybody knows about teacher clarity, but too often students do not experience clarity. Thus, this book is for all, new or old, and there is no necessity to “hasten to a close.”

Dr. John Hattie, Laureate Professor, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


•  Live presentation from Lyn Sharratt
•  Inclusive of Q&A allotted time
•  Webinar support team and on hand support
•  Pre-Webinar Readings and Activities
•  Follow up Webinar Personal PD Packets
•  Follow-Up Reading materials
•  Copies of the presentation

Part 1: Thursday 2nd July 2020
CLARITY: What MATTERS Most in ‘Learning’

During Part 1, you will:

  • Experience modelling of expected, effective practice in classrooms and Professional Learning sessions;
  • Consider what it takes to lead the work of System and School Improvement;
  • Engage with the 14 Parameter research of System and School Improvement (Sharratt & Fullan, 2012; Sharratt, 2019);
  • Begin with defining ‘data literacy’ and describing difference sources of data;
  • Self-reflect on your understanding and implementation of the non-negotiables: Parameters 1, 6, 14;
  • Unpack each non-negotiable: #1: believing all students can learn; #6: Putting FACES on the Data; #14: We all own all the FACES in our care;
  • Conclude by understanding how a commitment to a School and System Improvement Framework allows self-assessment of “where to next” at the end of each term in schools.

Part 2: Thursday 9th July 2020
CLARITY: What MATTERS Most in ‘Teaching’

During Part 2, you will:

  • Discover ‘The Third Teacher”;
  • Understand how Assessment literacy is at the heart of system and school Improvement;
  • Pull apart the components of the ‘Waterfall Chart’;
  • Learn how ‘Learning Walls’ and ‘Bump-It-Up Walls’ make learning come alive;
  • Unpack high-impact instructional strategies;
  • Consider how students’ voices and choices, EARLY and OFTEN, empower students, teachers and leaders in assessing to differentiate instruction.

Part 3: Thursday 16th July 2020
CLARITY: What MATTERS Most in ‘Leading’

During Part 3, you will:

  • Understand the Professional Learning strategies used in being a ‘Knowledgeable Other’ in walking alongside leaders, teachers and students;
  • Interrogate the six dimensions of Leadership and focus on “Adapt-ability’;
  • Reflect on components of the ‘Leadership Self-Assessment Tool’ to establish what we have learned and what are your next steps;
  • Know the rationale and protocol in partnering with colleagues in ‘Learning Walks and Talks’ and determine what would work in your context;
  • Learn about and discuss how you would host a Learning Fair in your context;
  • Make an individual and team commitment to ensuring every student, teacher and leader is empowered to do ‘The Work of Improving Systems and Schools”.


This three-part Webinar combines to meet your needs if you are interested in:

  • discovering what matters MOST in Learning, Teaching and Leading;
  • challenging your current thinking on the use of data at the system, school and classroom levels;
  • developing the ‘look-fors’ of a ‘thinking classroom’ to move beyond engagement to empowerment;
  • experiencing the leadership dimensions of an instructional and transformational leader;
  • improving the rate of growth and level of achievement for all students in your context.

So, attend this three-part Webinar experience and:

  • Self-assess to discover if you really know your learners and the opportunities each are afforded,
  • Learn how to use data to make informed instructional decisions with and on behalf of teachers and students,
  • Reflect on strategic leadership to become a ‘knowledgeable other’ and a turn-around school leader.
  • Be prepared to “up-shift” your understanding of what’s possible.
  • Engage with this Master Teacher and Learning Leader to gain “take-away” strategies that appeal to everyone, and, that you can actually use in your context.

The Webinar Package - Topics and Activities include:

  • Examining the System and School Improvement framework;
  • Putting FACES on the Data through Data Walls and Case Management Meetings;
  • Unpacking assessment “for” and “as” learning as foundational practice that informs instruction;
  • Using data to Bump-It-Up at the system, school and classroom levels;
  • Reflecting on the work of ‘Knowledgeable Others’ and leaders to ‘walk alongside’;
  • Making a commitment to action individually and as a team member.


All webinars come with 1800 support line assistance, feature audience Q&A sessions, and individual program handouts and follow-up packs.

You will be emailed a personal link to each webinar the day prior to the event. It is advised that you attend the webinar 10 minutes before commencement to avoid missing any content.

If you experience any technical issues before or during the webinar please call Redback Support on 1800 733 416 for assistance.


1 Webinar
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$100 p/p
Non-Member: $115 p/p

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$270 p/p
Non-Member: $290 p/p

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Webinar 1:
Thursday 2nd July 2020
Time: 8.00pm AEST [NSW, VIC, ACT]
7.30pm [South Australia]
8.00pm [Queensland]
7.30pm [Northern Territory]
6.00pm [Western Australia]

International Times:
10.00pm New Zealand
7.00pm Japan
6.00pm Hong Kong
6.00am New York
3.00am Los Angelos


Webinar 2:
Thursday 9th July 2020
Time: 8.00pm AEST [NSW, VIC, ACT]
7.30pm [South Australia]
8.00pm [Queensland]
7.30pm [Northern Territory]
6.00pm [Western Australia]

International Times:
10.00pm New Zealand
7.00pm Japan
6.00pm Hong Kong
6.00am New York
3.00am Los Angelos


Webinar 3:
Thursday 16th July 2020
Time: 8.00pm AEST [NSW, VIC, ACT]
7.30pm [South Australia]
8.00pm [Queensland]
7.30pm [Northern Territory]
6.00pm [Western Australia]

International Times:
10.00pm New Zealand
7.00pm Japan
6.00pm Hong Kong
6.00am New York
3.00am Los Angelos