"If you had a magic wand ..."

Every year, ACEL awards “New Voice” Scholarships to educators recognised as forward-thinking, relevant and responsive leaders by peers and the wider education community. Over 90 talented educators have been awarded these scholarships since the program was initiated in 2014.

In 2019, 16 emerging leaders were recognised in the fields of educational leadership, research, Indigenous leadership and early childhood and care.

Today the Australian Council for Educational Leaders are proud to present the “2020 New Voice Perspectives”. Here these inspiring new voices share their vision and voice for educational change and transformation.

The “New Voice Perspectives” in leadership embody the forefront of innovation and the future while demonstrating their collective pursuit of excellence. These views from Australia’s next wave of educational leaders and influencers are presented to you via the pages of this special annual publication.

We invite you to read these “perspectives” and take some time to reflect on the possibilities inherent in an educational environment where anything is possible

Aasha Murthy

The New Voice in Educational Leadership

Lisa Campbell
Deputy Principal,
Peg's Creek Primary School

Murray Cronin
Leading Teacher,
Scoresby Secondary College

John O'Sullivan Williams
Head of Middle School,
West Moreton Anglican College

Scott Dirix
Senior Leader – Alternative Programs,
Salisbury East High School

Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys,
St Margaret's and Berwick Grammar School

Paul Staniscia
Deputy Principal,
Oscar Romero Catholic Primary School

Ranae Graham
Assistant Principal,
Driver Primary School

The New Voice In Educational Leadership Research

Bernadette Mary Mercieca
Sessional Lecturer/Tutor,
Australian Catholic University

Amy Graham
PhD Candidate,
Charles Darwin University

Selena Fisk
Leader of Learning/Principal Consultant,
Brisbane Catholic Education/Aasha for Schools

Fiona Longmuir
Lecturer in Educational Leadership,
Monash University

David Cole
Director of Teaching and Learning,
Thomas Hassall Anglican College

The New Indigenous Voice in Educational Leadership

Kathryn Leo
Teaching Principal,
Milikapiti School

Karis Hill-Milnes
Teacher (Humanities and Arts/Indigenous Education); Indigenous Education Worker,
Miami State High School

The New Voice in Early Education and Care

Alexandra Harper
Senior Policy Officer,
NSW Education Standards Authority

Bonnie Te Ara Henare
Director/Educational Leader,
KU Phillip Park Children's Centre